Questionnaire results will shape future KC policy

Created: 22/08/2012

THE KENNEL Club has launched an online questionnaire to gather the views of owners, breeders and exhibitors on what they want and expect from the club’s registration system.
  It is part of the consultation which was promised at the KC’s AGM in May, following a proposal from a member that the club should consider the introduction of a two-tier registration system.


  The questionnaire will be open for responses until September 12 and can be found at
  It has been incorporated into the online registration and transfer process, and KC members have been notified of the survey by email or post.
  "We want to canvas opinion from as broad an audience as possible, reaching  dog lovers from all walks of life whether involved in breeding and showing or not,” said spokesman Caroline Kisko.
  "It is important that we understand what people want from the KC and its registration services.
  "This is a significant issue and we are looking to publicise this questionnaire through a variety of means to ensure that we get the opinions of as many dog owners as possible. The opinions we receive from this consultation process will help shape the course of KC policy in the future so it is vital that people make their opinions known to us.”
  The questionnaire has been tailored to reflect whether people breed and/or exhibit their dogs, or keep them solely as pets.
  Breeders and exhibitors are asked to agree/disagree with a series of statements such as, ‘Current registration services should be tiered and offer different levels of registration’; ‘Registration documents should include all available health-related information’; and ‘Veterinary checks and/or health testing should be required for all dogs before they are bred from’.
  Dog owners who neither breed nor exhibit are asked a broader series of questions about the importance they attach to registration.
  Respondees are encouraged to submit additional comments, views and ideas, and practical suggestions on how to achieve the preferred outcomes will be welcomed, the KC said.


  As part of the consultation process on its registration services, two public meetings dedicated solely to this subject are being arranged. These will be in addition to the four general question time events already planned, and the locations and dates will be announced in due course.
  The findings and proposals from the KC’s registration working group will be presented to the KC AGM in May.