Hound Association championship show 2012: Jilly makes Houndshow her own

Created: 09/08/2012

Hound Association championship show 2012: Jilly makes Houndshow her own

IT IS the Houndshow which set the pace for Britain's modern-day group championship shows which form such a popular part of our show scene. Yes, the National Terrier had existed for many decades before the Hound Association was formed in 1961, but it seems extraordinary from this distance that the Kennel Club had not previously allocated CCs to similar societies covering other groups.
Anyway the energy of a small group of hound people headed by Viscount Chelmsford ensured that the association got to a flying start and within just two years the KC allowed it to run its first championship show.
As I featured In The Dog House last week, this took place in September 1963 at Alexandra Palace, with nine sets of CCs on offer. Gradually these increased and by the 1970s, when each of the groups at last had its own national event, the shows gave CCs in all eligible breeds, as well as providing encouragement to those on the rare and imported register. At last Saturday's 50th championship show 26 hound breeds had CC status, four had classes without CCs, four competed in the imported classes and we were treated to the sight of a few others too – just read on!
After some years at Ally Pally the show moved to Stoneleigh but for well over 30 years now it has been based at the Stafford Showground with its ever improving facilities. Latest development is the welcoming new foyer where catalogues were handed out.
Bloodhound Lifeline was offering a tombola and one wall was devoted to a display of photographs from earlier Houndshows, put together by Pam Wild. This brought back memories of many great hounds and hound people and reminiscences from those still involved. Barbara Hannaford Wilton-Clark's beautiful Shalfleet Greyhounds were regular winners at this show in their heyday, with several BIS wins, and it was good to see daughter Jane take a Whippet CC today. In 1975 Barbara Long won BIS with a Borzoi and Pat Moncur took RBIS with a Basset in the '70s and today both were judging.
Eventually we managed to find a photo of the first show topped by Saluki Ch Burydown Freyha, from a Kennel Gazette. Wonder how many times today's BOB descends from her?
How many people attended both the 1963 and 2012 shows? I know of three: Maron Spavin, an honoured guest today and whose Dialynne Beagles were represented at both shows, Jeff Crawford who was handling Longhared Dachshunds at both show and who took a CC at the '63 event, and cup steward and Bloodhound enthusiast Bobbie Edwards – the first Houndshow was the first dog show she ever went to!
The entry was just six dogs down on last year, a good result in today's terms. As ever the show clashed with National Gundog at Malvern – though I believe that next year, at long last, these two popular shows will be held on consecutive days which should please those who appreciate both groups. Amazingly, the KC has allowed Paignton to start the very next day. This probably affected the gundog people – classified two days running – more than the hounds but one bad effect it did have was to make it more difficult for trade stands to attend. The DOG WORLD team was rushing down the M6 that evening and Dorwest, sponsor of cards and prize money for the Houndshow, has had to go to the trouble of setting up three separate stands. Let's hope that sanity prevails the next time the championship show dates are allocated – after all there was a free weekend just two weeks before.
There is plenty of space within the Bingley Hall and its annexes for indoor rings, as well as for the benches, but the show has ten times the atmosphere if it can be held on the outdoor paddock with the main ring at the top by the bandstand. The forecast wasn't too promising and clouds threatened as judging began at 9am. But someone was looking down on us and eventually the sun peeped though. There was a short shower around 2.20 but by then almost all the breed judging was complete and I think only the last class of Whippet bitches was done inside.
Sadly ever-increasing costs have put paid to the tradition of featuring a number of hound packs with a cup for the best presented, but instead, to mark this special show, the Association had planned a parade of 'rare and 'vulnerable' hound breeds. This was due in at 2.30 and I was dreading that rain would decimate the audience. But a short delay paid off, miraculously the sun emerged and in the event there was a large and appreciative audience to hear Zena Thorn Andrews explain each breed's history and purpose.
First came two of the numercally smaller CC breeds, the Otterhound and Bloodhound, then the 'rares', the Foxhound, Hamiltonstövare and Sloughi – no Podengos, sadly. From the imports came the Grand Bleu de Gascogne and its Basset cousin, the Cirneco and the Bavarian Mountain Hound. No Segugi, regrettably, a breed which doesn't seem to have caught on in spite of the very attractive dogs who were shown for some years. The exotic Azawakh, also on the imported register but not yet eligible to be shown in the UK, was also represented, and then there were two surprises.
First the Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, the latest of the countless French hound breeds to reach the okay, a most impressive and attractive hound used for boar-huntng which has made a positive start in its quest for recognition here, with a club awaiting KC approval.
And finally the Silken Windhound, resembling a Miniature Borzoi and descended from them (including the Amercan bitch who came to the UK, Ch Stillwater Virgnia Reel), Whippets (notably Laguna Leo) and perhaps a bit of Sheltie. They were developed in Texas, and  are recognised by the United Kennel Club in the US and by the Slovenian Kennel Club. The British stock, now in its third generation, originates in Sweden and there are currently 35 here. All dogs' DNA is recorded.
The show is one that encourages spectator dogs to attend and a good number did so for a fee of £5. Shirley Rawlings' team in the secretary's office has to deal with all sorts of eventualities; one of the more unusual was when an Otterhound was found loose and brought to the office where he was discovered to have an empty sausage packet in his mouth! When his owner recovered him they had no idea how he'd got hold of it!
Look round the Whippet rings and you couldn't help but notice how many of the exhibitors, men included, were dressed to some degree in pink! Northern Irish breeder Viv Coulter has thought it might be fun to encourage people to dress up a bit. While pursuing the idea she came across a breast cancer charity so thought this as a perfect way to raise funds for the Pretty 'n' Pink campaign. The support was tremendous with some people holding online auctions and others selling buttonholes.
The catalogue is one of the most interesting of any society as, thanks to Viv Phillips' persuasive powers, it is chock full of advertisements from winners at last year's show. A new face on the committee this year was local man Ian Byrne from the Finnish Spitz world.
Acting chairman Hector Heathcote and his wife Sue Finnett are both vets so there's no trouble finding someone to carry out the necessary checks, and it was good to see both Bloodhound and Basset taking their rightful place in the group ring.
There are usually a few overseas judges at this event. Finland's ever-popular Hans Lehtinen had been invited to do Wire and Smooth Dachshunds but he has recently broken his collarbone so his classes were reallocated to Rachel Barney. Get well soon, Hasse. Afghan dogs were done by the Danish breeder Lotte Jorgenson whose Boxadan kennel has had such an impact worldwide; American PBGV expert Jeffrey Pepper did that breed as well as the champion classes held in memory of founder Viscount Chelmsford, while the aforementioned Borzoi judge Barbara Long now lives in South Africa.
As usual the show incorporated the club championship show of the Deerhound and the Hamiltonstövare breed clubs, and our own Marina Scott judged the junior handlng.
And it isn't all about showing – the hounds had a chance to let their hair down in the scenting trials run for the second year by the Midland Basset Hound Club. Once again, many did so, not just the obvious breeds but others varying from Wolfhounds to Dachshunds, and the majority went home with their diploma.
Distant thunder and black clouds threatened much of the final judging but the show's luck held and at the very end of the day we were rewarded with some unexpected sunshine. One of Britain's best known hound judges, Jill Peak, was entrusted with the final decisions – you all know her from the Bayard Beagles, which she has bred so consistently along the same lines since her first champions Olga and Pisces in the '70s, but she's also been involved with champions in Pharaohs, Whippets, Dachshunds and Min Pins.
As you'll all know she made it a second successive victory for her namesake PBGV, whom she'd awarded her second CC the day she sprang to fame as a junior, ending up RBIS at Crufts 2011. How many dogs have had two Houndshow BIS? The list on the show's website shows that Wolfhound Ch Gartlove Galenkelso won twice in three years, and in the early days the Smooth Dachshund Ch Womack Wrightstarturn won two shows running. Are there any others?
For the second year runner-up to her was a Whippet, a bitch this time, followed by success for a Beagle and Min Wire among the puppies.
Perhaps some of the junior handling winners will be at the hundredth Houndshow in 2073. Let's hope the shows are still as much fun then!

Report by Simon Parsons


Annette Oliver as doing the commentary on Jill Peak’s group judging. The Finnish Spitz was absent and the Whippet judging was finished in time for the BOB to arrive halfway through.
Jill shortlisted ten before bringing out her final four for a final circuit. They are featured in the photographs and captions.
The other finalists included the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen, Tim Jones and Steve Jepson’s Ch Debucher Whynot with Eardley, made up at Crufts and now with six CCs, top puppy last year. He’s their first GBGV but the kennel has had champions in Beagles and Bostons. Like the PBGV BIS, he’s by a dog from the Dutch Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes kennel; Dachshunds have several third-generation exhibitors and two of them were in the final, Emily Mitchell with the Longhaired Ch Bronia Lotario, winner of 16 CCs, two groups, two G2 and a G4, and Heather Blackburn-Bennett with the Min Smooth Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang, taking her third CC, all won this year, and only just out of junior; Jeff Horswell’s Min Wire Dachshund Drakesleat Noddy Doff, winning a first CC after several reserves. Breeder Zena Thorn-Andrews also took  a first CC with the bitch Drakesleat Ott Favourite; Treena and Georgina Maun’s Norwegian Elkhound Ch/Ir/Bul Ch Bowerhinton Bear Necessity who has five CCs and a G3 and sired the BCC today; and Dense Garratt, Sharon Oakey and Karen Smith’s Saluki Ch Caryna Meilichia who has nine CCs and a G2 and 4 and is a previous RBPIS and Viscount Chelmsford class winner here.
In the puppy line-up Jill shortlisted eight and then cut them to four. The winner and reserve are pctured; third was an Australian-bred Afghan, Susan Rhodes’ Alaqadar La Cenerentola of Shadowfax, and fourth a Pharaoh, Laura Merryweather and Sam Fletcher’s Danish-bred Sharqiya A Knight’s Tale at Ynchreenoo. What a difference the new rules have made to importing youngsters. Sam and Laura had a good day, taking a second CC and Bob with Islephar Strike A Pose at Ynchreenoo.
Both Basenji CC winners, as so often, were by Ch /Am Ch Kazor’s Make Way For Riley, with the BOB, Ch Tokaji Amercan Gigolo at Embeau, siring the RBCC/BP. A double in Borzois for Sue Carter with Crufts hero Ch Rothesby Sholwood Snow Hawk (BOB) and Rothesby Sholwood Blue Silk. Dave and Angela Cavill and Ron and Hannah Thompson bred both Finnish Spitz, mother and son Toveri Piku from Hakojen and Terry Dalley’s Toveri Markku (BOB). Ch Catorce Verde was BOB Ibzan and sired the BCC.
Two new champions in Beagles, BOB going to Serena Parker and Graham Stephens’ Serenaker Hey Jude, a former Crufts CC winner, the third champion out of their Devil Woman and the umpteenth by Ch Fallowfield Douglas, and DCC to Pat and Keith Hills’ six-year-old Tatooine Obi Wan at Donay.
Bloodhounds saw a victory for a puppy, Sue Emrys-Jones’ ten-moths Maplemead Melodeon. A first CC after eight reserves went to Otterhound Teckelgarth Horus, a first CC winner for Jan Court who co-owns him with Maria Lerego. And a first CC for their first show dog for Margaret and William Shaw with Ridgeback Makibos Kikimalemrika of Negasi.

Best in Show

I was honoured to judge BIS at the prestigious 50th anniversary show of the Hound Association.
I had a stunning line-up of hounds but could not go past the PBGV, Ch Soletrader Peek A Boo, Jilly was as usual in top form powering round the ring showing her head off. I have judged many PBGVs but she takes the biscuit.
RBIS was the lovely Whippet bitch, Ch Palmik Magical Whispers, lovely type, excellent body & balance with such accurate action. A joy to judge.
Third was the young Deerhound bitch, Kilbourne Teliah, one I am sure will have a great future.
Fourth was the S/h Dachs, Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio, nicely made male, good head, nice body & balance.
Again a lovely line-up of young hounds for BP which bodes good for the future.
BP was the outstanding Beagle bitch, Davricard Martina, beautiful head & expression, lovely bone & tight feet, good body & ribbing, moved freely with reach & drive.  
RBP was the Min W/h Dachs, Barratini Hot Gossip, only 6 months, a star in the making, lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good body & topline held on the move, in good coat & condition.  
Third was the young Afghan bitch, Alaqadar La Cenerentola of Shadowfax, another nice one, excellent type, lovely head & expression, moved and showed well.
Fourth was a 6 months Pharaoh Hound male, Sharqiya A Knights Tale at Ynchreenoo, good showman, lovely head & ears, good neck, body & balance, moved soundly.

CC list

AFGHANS (Mrs L Jorgensen, dogs; Mrs A Draper-Andrews, bitches) – D: Smith’s *Ch Ashahni Aniq at Julam. B: Traversari, Greenwood & Forth’s Karakush Taken Em By Storm at Altside.
BASENJIS (Mrs P Wells) – D: Grayson’s *Ch Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau. B: Drummond’s Ch Kissangani Dream Maker at Djoser.
BASSETS FAUVES DE BRETAGNE (Mrs P Aldous) – D: Allenby’s Gigolo for Rangali. B: Robertson’s *Ch Ryethills Stina.
GBGV (Mrs A Macdonald) – D: Jones & Jepson’s *Ch Debucher Why Not with Eardley. B: Buchanan & Maclaren’s Ch/Ir Ch Tarmachan Arc En Ciel.
PBGV (J Pepper) – D: Osbourne’s Ch Nykarth’s Kicking Off with Braego. B: Robertson & Doherty’s *Ch Soletrader Peek A Boo.
BASSET HOUNDS (Mrs P Moncur) – D: Seddon’s Ch Ribbleriver Show Me Off at Sedonia. B: Archer’s *Ch Dereheath Groovy Movie at Roamanbay.
BEAGLES (Mrs M Boggia-Black, dogs Mrs L Hawley, bitches) – D: Hills’ Tatooine Obi Wan at Donay. B: Parker & Stevens’ *Serenaker Hey Jude.
BLOODHOUNDS (Mrs M Nixon) – D: Burnside & Manley’s Ch Trailfinder Kitchener. B: Emrys-Jones’ *Maplemead Melodeon.
BORZOIS (Mrs B Long) – D: Carter’s *Ch Rothesby Sholwood Snow Hawk. B: Carter’s Rothesby Sholwood Blue Silk.
DACHSHUNDS, L/H (Mrs J Cooper) – D: Mitchell’s *Ch Bronia Lotario. B: Geeson’s Abydachs Summer Wine.
DACHSHUNDS, MIN L/H (Mrs J Squires) –D: Holmes’ Tammera Touch Of Class. B: Brown’s *Ch Garbosa Chocolate Vogue.
DACHSHUNDS, S/H (Mrs R Barney) – D: Hunt’s *Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan’s Hero at Carpaccio. B: Rawson’s Rosenket Pillow Talk.
DACHSHUNDS, MIN S/H (Mrs J MacLeod) – D: Roberts’ Denver Darling Harry Potter. B: Blackburn-Bennett’s *Lokmadi Sea Holly at Stargang.
DACHSHUNDS, W/H (Mrs R Barney) – D: Dible’s *Multi Ch Lieblings Stormin Norman. B: Bates & Maes-Jones’ Ch Derochaise Black Orchid.
DACHSHUNDS, MIN W/H (G Robertson) – D: Horswell’s *Drakesleat Noddy Doff. B: Thorn Andrews’ Drakesleat Ott Favourite.
DEERHOUNDS (Mrs L E Cartledge) – D: Peach’s Kilbourne Hector to Oelmuhle. B: Peach’s *Kilbourne Teliah.
FINNISH SPITZ (Mrs M Montgomery) – D: Dalley’s *Toveri Markku. B: Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Piku from Hakojen.
GREYHOUNDS (J Robertson) – D: Arnold’s Ch Marconi Valentino di Mascotts. B: Newsham’s *Ch Windspiel Northern Stylo.
IBIZAN HOUNDS (Mrs J Morris) – D: Clark’s *Ch Catorce Verde. B: Carter & Donnaby’s Ch Benjique Cappuchino Girl.
IRISH WOLFHOUNDS (Mrs C McLeod) – D: Webb’s Driftcot Definitely Maybe to Inkleyboys. B: Tebbutt’s *Ch Caredig Delilah.
NORWEGIAN ELKHOUNDS (B Middleton) – D: Maun’s *Ch/Ir Ch Bowerhinton Bear Necessity. B: Stokes’ Kestos Ziva.
OTTERHOUNDS (Mrs M Nixon) – D: Lerego & Court’s *Teckelgarth Horus. B: Ganna’s Keepcott Florin.
PHARAOH HOUNDS (G Hill) – D: Simm’s Ezhar The Colonel’s Legacy. B: Fletcher & Merryweather’s *Islephar Strike A Pose at Ynchreenoo.
RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS (Mrs C Strickland) – D: Bates’ Gunthwaite Midnite Preacha. B: Shaw’s *Makibos Kilimalemrika of Negasi.
SALUKIS (Mrs M Parker) – D: Copperthwaite’s Ch Al Caliphs Zobeyni. B: Garratt, Oakey & Smith’s *Ch Caryna Meilichia.
WHIPPETS (Miss G Robertson, dogs; Mrs B Anderson-Illingworth, bitches) – D: Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Simply A Lord. B: Howgate & Hull’s *Ch Palmik Magical Whispers.

No CCs

FOXHOUNDS (Mrs P Wells) – D: Cowan’s Canquiss Salesman at Haughmill. B: Griffiths’ *Dazzleby Dandelion.
HAMILTONSTOVARE (M Caple) – D: Longman’s Kilcavan Just William. B: Leigh’s *Flixtonia Rose Of England.
PORTUGUESE PODENGOS (G Robertson) – D: Segui’s *Arranbourne Amoroso. B: Tiranti’s Garthfield Pandora.
SLOUGHIS (Mrs J Morris) – D: Hudson’s Cro Ch Farouk Farid Of Love Arab Beauty at Glenc. B: Davies’ *Falconcrag Sahsheer.
IMPORTED REGISTER (J Robertson) – D: Farleigh & Moore’s Cilneco *Hadranensis Remo. B: Farleigh’s  Cilneco Hadranensis Violetta via Kinabula.