Having the right product to hand by Jane Lilley

Created: 08/08/2012

Back to the perennial subject of flies once more, Angie Steed of the Gianni affix writes to say that three years ago they bought an old house in the Fens, which stands alone and, like many properties in the area, is close to a variety of dykes and drains.
  She thinks that the previous owners must have bred their own super strain of flies, beetles, mosquitoes and all sorts of other unpleasant insects that both flew and crawled. They tried everything they could find to control them but without success until Angie says she spoke to the Cromessol man at one of the championship shows who assured her that his Swalk Insecticide, a spray containing natural oils, would work.
  Despite her initial misgivings, she duly bought one of these sprays, described as a battery powered microburst aircare dispenser, factory set to run for 30 days expelling puffs of the Swalk at regular intervals. The standard dispenser, which is positioned on the wall costs under £30 and comes complete with a ten-year guarantee.
  Angie says, "It was like a miracle!” Within just one day all the flies were gone, as were the other horrible insects and, what is more, they stayed away.  Apparently these dispensers are used in the home, food factories, catering establishments, food storage areas, offices, warehouses, schools, hotels, stables, catteries and veterinary premises with reportedly great success in controlling not only flies but mosquitoes, wasps, moths, ants, cockroaches, crickets and other insects. It would be interesting to hear as to its safe effectiveness from any kennel owners who may have used this product as it sounds like the answer to many of our prayers. If you are one, do let me know.
  More good news on the raw spinach front comes from a delighted Maureen Harris, who lives in Harlow. Her English Setter, Lulli, who was born deaf, came to live with her at her fourth home when she was just five months old.
  Despite her unfortunate start in life, Lulli much enjoys ringcraft and, just to prove the point, has won over 60 rosettes at local companion shows over the years much to the pride of her obviously devoted owner.  
  She is now five years old and, at the end of June after she had been in a lake where no algae was obvious, she started itching and scratching, first round her feet and under her chin, which spread up her front legs, groin and armpits.  The irritation was so bad that poor Lulli was reduced to pulling her hair out and the vet prescribed doses of Pirition three times a day, which calmed the situation a little but Maureen was still at a loss as to what else to do to help other than rubbing aloe vera over the affected areas.
  A friend at ringcraft suggested that she contact me about spinach and I said she could try giving Lulli about two tablespoons of liquidised raw spinach – fresh or thawed from frozen – twice a day in her meals, combining this with washing all bedding with Surcare Laundry Liquid
  Two weeks later Maureen kindly phoned to say that the spinach had helped dramatically within just a fortnight and she was so grateful for such a cheap, simple remedy. She also cleaned the affected areas with diluted Hibiscrub and now always washes Lulli’s feet after returning from walks, adding that Surcare is excellent for washing and cleaning bedding. A good result all round!
  News of another almost instantaneously good result comes from Ruth Boundy of the Rubyfield Cavaliers in Somerset. She phoned a few weeks ago to ask if I had any ideas to help her six-year-old black and tan bitch, Vera, who had one very bad ear resulting from an infection caused by digging down rabbit holes – not that she ever actually caught any but that did not stop her trying!
  This ear, which had been secreting what her owner described as "large amounts of odourless black gunk”, was first treated with antibiotic drops and then with other prescription drops and various potions, all to no avail. The ear was neither pink nor apparently painful in any way but was obviously far from right.  
  I suggested she try Thornit powder on a regular basis and Ruth has just rung to say that this has worked like a charm and is "brilliant”. She first used Clean Aural to clean the ear then used the Thornit and, within about four days, the liquid secretions were no more. After about a fortnight a few hard dry black lumps emerged from the ear, which is now completely clean. Ruth is continuing to use the powder on a weekly basis as a maintenance dose just to be on the safe side as well as remembering to always have it to hand in the future.
  If you would like contact details of where to purchase Thornit or, for that matter, any other products mentioned in the column, just give me a call – so much better than the impersonal email – at the number at the head of the column.