JDP schedule announced

Created: 11/07/2012

THE KENNEL Club has announced the latest schedule for its judges development programme (JDP) seminars, which will be held at its Building at Stoneleigh.
Those who want to attend must have awarded CCs to at least three breeds in the relevant group; awarded CCs to two breeds in the relevant group and at least one CC in another group; or been approved by the KC to judge a group at championship show level.
In the hound group, the Borzoi will be the subject on November 5 and the Whippet the following day. Eligible candidates should phone Shirley Rawlings on 01435 868908 or email rawlings@btinternet.com.
The gundog group – the Labrador is on November 21 and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever the following day. Contact Chris Bexon on 01623 722037 or email chris.bexon@gmail.com.
Terrier group – the Sealyham Terrier on August 15, the Irish Terrier on November 14 and the Smooth Fox Terrier the following day. Contact Helen Reaney on 01543 684422 or email helen.reaney@btinternet.com.
Utility group – Akita on November 12 and all varieties on Poodle the following day. Contact Sally Kimber on 01474 814796 or email sally.kimber@btinternet.com.
Working group – Siberian Husky on October 29 and Leonberger the following day. Contact Kevin Young on 01357 520730 or email kevinyoung@btinternet.com.
Toy group – the Maltese on October 16 and the Papillon the following day. Contact Annette Oliver on 01572 8122233 or email annetteoliver63@gmail.com.