Crufts 2014 judges announced

Created: 04/07/2012

Crufts 2014 judges announced

Best in show at Crufts 2014 will be judged by Jack Bispham.
Mr Bispham, along with his wife Jo, is best known for the Bridgedale Shetland Sheepdogs and Rough Collies, in which breeds they have bred and made up a number of champions.
He has judged the pastoral and working groups at Crufts in 2001 and ‘02, and also does the utility group, along with 23 pastoral breeds at CC level, 15 working, 13 utility, one toy and one hound.

Group judges are:
Hound, Michael Quinney of the Adoram affix which has produced champions in Pugs, Rottweilers, Buhunds and Basenjis.
Gundog, Penny Williams of the Bournehouse English Setters and Golden Retrievers. She has won RBIS at Crufts with a Setter while her husband has had BIS there with a Setter and a group with a Cocker.
Terrier, Gerrard Morris of the Baglan Wire Fox Terriers.
Utility, Ken Sinclair of the Araki Tibetan Terriers and Afghans. He has bred a Crufts BIS-winning Tibetan Terrier.
Working, Frank Kane of the Hirontower American Cockers, this year’s BIS judge.
Pastoral, Valerie Foss of the Elswood English Setters and Golden Retrievers, a recent Crufts BIS judge.
Toy, Renee Sporre-Willes of the Cobby’s Pugs and Norwich Terriers in Sweden.
The Obedience Championships will be judged by Audrey Johnson; Obedience World Cup Stella Henstridge; Agility Championships Tom Quinn; agility Ian Mallabar and Helen Saunders; inter-regional obedience John Verrill; heelwork to music Penny Draper, Virginia Richardson and Marleen van Hees; Young Kennel Club stakes Frank Kane.
Breed judges so far announced are:

Afghan dogs Chris Amoo, bitches Mary Pascoe; Basenji Tom Johnston; Fauve Karina Lucas; GBGV Gavin Robertson; PBGV Malcolm Ellrich; Basset Ron Parker; Beagle Liz Calikes; Bloodhound Jeff Horswell; Borzoi Valerie Tuton; L/h Dachshund Suzanne Metcalfe-Bilgin; Min L/h Yvonne Angear; S/h Edna Cooper; Min S/h Gladys Mead; W/h Sue Seath; Min W/h Nora Price; Deerhound Marianne Nixon; Finnish Spitz Drew Littlejohn; Greyhound Brian Henry; Ibizan Carla Molinari (Portugal); Wolfhound Denise Courtney; Elkhound Diana Hudson; Otterhound Maria Lerego; Pharaoh Carla Molinari (Portugal); Ridgeback Zena Thorn Andrews; Saluki Helen Williams; Whippet dogs Dennis Hopkins, bitches Angela Randall.

Brittany Dr Ron James; English Setter Angela Morgan; GSP Barbara Hargreaves; GWP Peter Lomasney; Gordon Rhona Frew; Vizsla Peter Harper; W/h Vizsla Valerie Foss; Irish Setter dogs Irene Munro, bitches Sue Oakley; Spinone Zena Thorn Andrews; Large Munsterlander Margaret Crawford; Pointer Yvonne Kent; Chesapeake Carole  Coode; C/c Retriever Nigel Craddock; F/c Retriever dogs Mike Anderson, bitches Becky Johnson; Golden Retriever dogs Janet Barrow, bitches Lynn Hennessy; Labrador dogs Arwyn Ellis, bitches Ann  Britton; American Cocker Dale Vincent; Clumber Lee Cox; Cocker dogs Sandy Platt, bitches Wilma Reid; English Springer Fran Glendinning; Field Paul Woodland; Irish Water Spaniel Nick Waters; Sussex Di Arrowsmith; Welsh Springer Lesley Tain; Weimaraner Jacqui Ward.

Airedale Lesley Lee; Australian T Sue McCourt; Bedlington Ralph Garbutt; Border T Melanie Lewis; Bull T June Ottewell; Min Bull T Gaynor Richardson; Cairn Shirley Watson; Dandie Dinmont Frances Chapman-King; SFT Malcolm Murray; WFT Alan Davies; Glen of Imaal Mel Hardy; Irish T Paul Livesey; Kerry Blue Eoin Jones; Lakeland Joe Ashe; Manchester T Kay Aspin; Norfolk Ruth Corkhill; Norwich Bill Browne-Cole; PRT Lesley Roberts; Scottish T Pam Pagram; Sealyham Lilian Hopwood; Skye Jenny Miller; SCWT Jan Thackray; Stafford dogs Roger Pugh, bitches Mike Clarke; Welsh T Wendy Allen; WHWT Sue Thomson.

Akita Brenda Pearson; Boston Prof Terry Desombre; Bulldog Sue Garside; Chow Clare Merrion; Dalmatian Diane Dinsdale; French Bulldog Paul Harding; German Spitz Mittel Bob Gregory; Klein Glenys Bradbury; Shiba Mac Shutt; Japanese Spitz Stephanie Bliss; Keeshond Mary Deats; Lhasa Teresa Wiehe; Min Schnauzer Pat Kidd; Min Poodle Sharon Pine-Haynes; Std Poodle Albert Wight; Toy Poodle Ann Ingram; Schipperke Mike Vincent; Schnauzer Kari Wilberg; Shar-Pei Jill Peak; Shih Tzu Eunice Stephenson; Tibetan Spaniel Myra Stevenson (not as listed in the Kennel Gazette); Tibetan T Elaine Wilson.

Malamute Kath Howarth; Bernese Jackie Green; Bouvier Cheryl Pierpoint; Boxer dogs Linda Carnaby; Bullmastiff Janet Gunn; Dobermann dogs Tony Fisher; Giant Schnauzer Gordon Rual; Dane Matti Pakarinen; Leonberger Joan Rushby; Mastiff Anne-Marie Class (France); Newfoundland Carol Stuckey; Portuguese Water Dog Zena Thorn Andrews; Rottweiler dogs Chris Thomas, bitches Marie Ward; St Bernard John McManus; Siberian Husky Karsten Gronaas (Norway).

Australian Cattle Dog Jeff Luscott; Australian Shepherd Angela Challenger; Bearded Collie dogs Dr Margaret Buckley, bitches Anthea Richardson; Groenendael Mary Grove; Laekenois Lyn Salt; Malinois Lyn Salt; Tervueren Lyn Salt; Border Collie dogs Ross Green, bitches Bob Tunnicliff; Briard Madge Poole; Rough Collie dogs Anne Hassock, bitches Stella Clarke; Smooth Collie Carole Smedley; Finnish Lapphund Stuart Mallard; GSD Kevin Hoyland; Puli Steve Hall; Lancashire Heeler Pat Chadwick; OES Ray Owen; Polish Lowland Helen Cousins; Pyrenean Michael Coad; Samoyed Geoff Corish; Shetland Sheepdog dogs Michael Ewing, bitches Lyn Roberts; Vallhund Melanie Harris; Cardigan Corgi Sandra Muckle; Pem Corgi Kevin Dover.

Affenpinscher Christine McFarlane; Bichon Geoff Corish; Cavalier bitches Annette Jones; L/c Chihuahua Norma Armstrong; S/c Chihuahua Dr Geoff Curr; Chinese Crested Geoffrey Davies; ETT Zena Thorn-Andrews; Griffon Alison Price; Japanese Chin Anne Dilley; King Charles Brian Rix; Lowchen Stephen Bardwell; Maltese Carol Hemsley; Min Pin Brenda Cody; Papillon Annette Oliver; Pekingese Judith Risbey; Pomeranian Lynn Lythgoe; Pug Linda Bissell; Yorkshire T Michael Turner.