No court action taken after six-year-old bitten

Created: 27/06/2012

THE FATHER of a five-year-old girl who was allegedly bitten by a German Shepherd has spoken of his disgust that no legal action is to be taken.
Abbie Varrow needed 60 stitches after she was allegedly mauled when she visited the home of a friend in Great Notley, Braintree, Essex, in March. A man was later arrested on suspicion of owning a dangerous dog but it was then decided there was insufficient evidence for criminal charges.
Father Tony Varrow accused prosecutors of ‘sending out the wrong message’.
Darren Bartlett, who owns the GSD and whose garden backs onto the property when the incident took place, denies his dog was responsible.
A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Having given very careful consideration to all of the available evidence, a decision was made in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors that there was insufficient evidence to advise the police to charge with any offences relating to keeping a dangerous dog.
"The law says that in order to show that a criminal offence had been committed, we would need to prove that the dog had left its owner’s garden when the alleged injury was inflicted. There was not sufficient evidence that the dog had encroached into its neighbour’s garden during the incident, and as such there is insufficient evidence to prove the offence in law, and there was no realistic prospect of conviction.
"That is the test the CPS must apply. Our sympathy is with the victim of this horrendous incident.”