KC registration is no guarantee, claims Canine Alliance

Created: 20/06/2012

THE CANINE Alliance has criticised the Kennel Club’s registration system, saying that as long as it continues to register puppies from commercial breeders, people will continue to buy them.
The words ‘KC-registered’ should stand for something, it said.

Puppy farms

The comments came in the wake of the KC announcing its Puppy Awareness Week, saying ‘thousands of puppies are suffering ‘because of our ignorance’.
The week, which runs from September 8-14, aims to help people find ‘a healthy, happy puppy who is right for their lifestyle’, while raising awareness about the plight of puppies and breeding bitches born into ‘cruel puppy farms’.
"We have never before had such instant access to so much information, yet time and time again people are making the wrong decisions when buying a puppy,” said KC spokesman Caroline Kisko.
"Too many people do not know that there are vast differences between the 210 breeds of dog in this country and so end up abandoning their dogs because they discover that they don’t fit their lifestyle. Many more are buying puppies from irresponsible and cruel breeders, not realising that these pups will probably end up with health and behavioural problems.
"Sadly, tens of thousands of puppies born each year are suffering because of our ignorance. Puppy farms churn out litter after litter of undernourished and badly-cared-for puppies and then sell them on to unsuspecting owners, through pet shops, newspaper and online adverts and various other means.”
The KC says it has conducted research which shows that one in four people ‘may have bought a puppy-farmed dog’.

Buy responsibly

"We hope that Puppy Awareness Week will encourage people to buy responsibly, from KC Assured Breeders, and put puppy farmers out of business,” Mrs Kisko said.
The Alliance said that it applauded the KC’s sentiments, and that the club should be doing ‘everything in its power’ to direct puppy buyers to responsible, dedicated breeders and away from commercial breeders, often referred to as ‘puppy farmers’.
But, the Alliance said, the KC ‘could help the situation considerably’ by insisting that all puppies it registers came from parents who have been health checked and confirmed to be of an acceptable level of health and fitness.
"We are encouraged by the KC’s concerns over puppies who are not bred by caring, responsible breeders and support all its efforts in this area,” said secretary Robert Harlow. "However, it is vital that the KC does everything in its power to ensure that ‘KC-registered’ actually stands for something.
"It is extremely difficult to define ‘puppy farmer’, but as long as the KC continues to register puppies from commercial establishments whose welfare standards are well below par, puppy buyers will continue to obtain puppies from such places, assuming that their puppy’s KC registration is some kind of guarantee of quality.”


BillyBunter, 22/06/2012

I have to agree with the comment that a KC registered puppy "means something". Too many are getting away with literally murder. These puppy farms and businesses simply have to stop or be stopped. I find there are too many these days that sit and nod in agreement when reading stuff published and don't get involved. This is a democracy and voices need to be heard. If you sit and nod and do nothing then this problem will not go away. Groups like this Canine Alliance, which I am not a member of - yet - are striving to do the right thing and MORE IMPORTANTLY, in a time scale that is beneficial to all of us committed breeders and exhibitors. I remember a time when only KC registered pups mattered. The registration did mean something in years gone by, and without the need for an ABS either. Look the KC has it's flaws and faults, but for pity's sake, wake up and smell the current times. Live in this century and not back in the 19th century. I hear a lot about puppy farmed dogs, and I have to wonder, what of the parents. They are the ones suffering the most. Ireland, Scotland, Wakes and England has a HUGE problem with puppy farming, some more than others. It's the people who buy these animals that suffer financially and especially emotionally. No one can blame them for wanting to "rescue" a dog or puppy from these places. They just see it as helping. The ABS is full of farmers, we all know this to be true. Get rid of the scheme and make it so that every breeder is visited at some stage. Premises checked etc. Otherwise home breeders and farmers will continue to laugh out loud and rub their hands with glee at every sale. YES, make a KC registered dog or puppy mean something - AGAIN. Get bums of chairs and open gobs and add voices. It's the only DEMOCRATIC way forward. Breed clubs and councils - get the word out. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE otherwise years of trying and improving breeds will simply be thrown by the way side. Without mine and everyone elses voices being added then the KC will plod along and do nothing. It WILL become meaningless and worthless. This is a call for EVERYONE TO WAKE UP AND GET MOTIVATED AND PROTECT OUR BREEDS POSITIVELY. Once and for all and that includes the dog press too.