KC bans two breeders

Created: 15/06/2012

A ROTTWEILER breeder and exhibitor – whose dog won the DCC at Birmingham National this year – has been banned for six years by the Kennel Club, while another breeder has been banned for three.

The KC’s Disciplinary Sub-Committee met last week to consider Darran Green (Steinhugel) and his wife Heather’s convictions at North Durham Magistrates’ Court in August 2011 for offences contrary to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, after they ‘represented puppies as being KC-registered’ when they were not.

In a separate hearing, the sub-committee also considered the conviction in January of Helen Johnson, of Fellbeck, Harrogate, Yorkshire, on two offences contrary to the same regulations, for ‘representing Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies as KC-registered’ when they were not. She was given a three-year conditional discharge. Miss Johnson was banned previously for three years by the KC for behaving discreditably or prejudicially to the interests of the canine world in that over the course of a year they entered a number of licensed events with several unregistered dogs in ‘overt disregard and breach of KC regulations’. This applied to her Cascob Dogues de Bordeaux.
In both cases the sub-committee disqualified the Greens and Miss Johnson from:

  • Exhibiting at, taking part in, attending and/or having any connection with any event licensed by the KC.- A42j(5)
  • Being or becoming a member of any canine club or society registered with or affiliated to the KC – A42j(6)
  • Taking part in the management of any event licensed by the KC – A42j(7)
  • Judging at any event licensed by the KC – A42j(8)
  • Effecting registrations of any or all dogs and/or progeny of such dogs who are owned and/or registered by him, whether or not jointly owned and/or whether or not owned and/or registered in the name of a nominee – A42j(9).

The sub-committee said it had noted that in the response from Mr Green of Johnson Buildings, Iveston, Consett, Co Durham – whose dog Iwan von den Golen Hohen won the DCC at the National – there was ‘no sense of contrition or regret and an attempt to minimise the extent to which these practices occurred when in fact there were multiple complaints giving rise to the convictions extending over a period of years’.

"The sub-committee considers that to cause confusion and disappointment to purchasers who wish to buy KC-registered dogs is a serious matter. It undermines the confidence and trust which is inherent in KC registration with the certainty and assurance of breed and ancestry and all the attendant benefits which come from registration.

"These purchasers were deprived of those benefits.”

The same sentiment regarding the undermining of confidence and trust was expressed in the case of Miss Johnson, to whom the sub-committee said the disqualifications should run concurrently with the conditional discharge imposed by the court, which ends in January 2015. The ban already imposed by the KC expires in May 2013. A sub-committee said it had noted that there were mitigating circumstances presented to the court and that a conditional discharge was imposed.

"Miss Johnson is already subject to a three-year disqualification from May 27, 2010 due to expire in May 2013, and a DNA directive under regulation B22f which will remain in operation after the expiry of the disqualifications.”