What do you think the criteria should be for a breed coming off the 'high profile' list?

Created: 14/06/2012


convict 225, 15/06/2012

I think I would need to see

1) A period of at least two years with the vets finding no significant problems.


2) A consensus among all concerned that the examples of breed coming through were unexaggerated and free of conformation related health issues.

If I had these assurances I'd be happy for the breed to go onto a random monitoring programme for a period before being removed from the list entirely.

Spotty Muldoon, 14/06/2012

When the health problems associated with that breed are no longer present in the showing and breeding stock. A comprehensive and regularly updated veterinary check of all breeds would be my preference. It would mean the KC adopting a different process than the current one, but bring it on, I say. I think it is premature to talk of breeds coming off the list. Adding breeds to the list is where we should be going.