Four dogs stolen from second chance animal rescue

Created: 06/06/2012

Second Chance Animal Rescue in Crockenhill, Kent was broken into in the early hours of Monday June 4. Four dogs were stolen, including the Border Terrier owned by the five-year-old son of rescue founders John Ranger and his partner Julie Tullett.

Rabbits were kicked and savagely abused and one had to be put to sleep following examination of dreadful injuries. Many chickens are missing and at least seven others were mutilated and their bodies left scattered around the area.

John described the scene that met them as they arrived for early morning feeding as ‘carnage’. He said "We just cried as we saw the damage, we couldn't shield our son, he saw it all.”

John and Julie have offered a sanctuary for hundreds of animals over the years including horses, pigs and goats as well as factory farm chickens and abandoned small animals.

The dogs stolen were Buster, a large dog who had been rescued from a scrap yard, Copper, a Border Terrier, and two Jack Russell Terriers.

Horses on the premises had not been touched but the sheds and fences of the rescue have been damaged and many broken beyond repair.

Police have little to aid their investigation but are active in their enquiries locally.

There is extensive local media coverage but as John Ranger said: "The only way to get these dogs back is to make them too hot to handle. Someone knows where they are. We would appreciate any help in the way of posters countrywide.

"We are so worried that our dogs have been stolen as bait dogs we can hardly bear it... But we still have animals here that still need our help so we have to go on."

Second Chance Animal Rescue Crockenhill has a Facebook page where you can download a poster or go to the website at www.wix.com/secondchancecrockenh/animal-rescue or phone 07804 026773.