Hungarian shows safe as government delays law changes

Created: 01/06/2012

THE HUNGARIAN Kennel Club has heard that the country’s government is to change no laws which affect its work until next year.

This means that the World Show – which the club is due to host next year - and various other important canine events are safe – at least for the time being.

Tamas Jakkel, president of the MEOE judges board, said this week he was ‘happy to announce’ that the Hungarian Parliament had modified the‘animal-breeding law’, and the right to penalise the activity of a ‘non-governmental’ organisation which registers animals, organises shows, competitions and tests had been suspended until June next year.

He said: "The legislators are insisting on finding an answer to the situation by then, thankfully with the MEOE included in the system, which is a huge change of attitude. As you can imagine there is lots of hard work ahead.”

He added: "Thank you for your support, and I'm sure it is going to be needed in the future as well. A new chapter will start which won't be an easy one but it seems the attitude of the main decision makers has changed.”

As previously reported, the government was considering a new law which would give only government departments the power to register animals, including puppies and kittens. The situation would have been exacerbated by the fact that the organisations the government seemed keen to take over the kennel club’s work – the ETSZ and MESZSZ – are not recognised by the FCI.

If the law had been changed, the kennel club would not have been able to issue pedigrees and determine and control breeding, while the ETSZ organisations and MESZSZ which have no FCI registration would have been unlikely to continue the work of the kennel club.

At the time, online petitioners wrote: "The MEOE has a long tradition, established in 1899, of pedigree registration, FCI international shows, breed clubs and all kind of canine activities for the benefits of its members. Let us stand together and show the Hungarian Government how many people support this club all over the world.”

Meanwhile, the (FCI) said it would do all it could to help the MEOE. President Hans Muller said the FCI’s General Committee wanted to reiterate its full support to ‘our very long-standing member that has been sharing our wonderful existence since 1933’.

"Talks and negotiations will take place with the Hungarian political authorities to envisage the future, but we want to insist to the world dog community that MEOE can count with our unconditioned support and friendship,” he said.