Shows fall foul of bad weather by Bronwyn Bartley

Created: 30/05/2012

Just lately the weather has been pretty foul and during the week before the bank holiday messages came on Ob.Uk that it was a possibility that Rugby championship show might be cancelled due to ground conditions at the venue, and that is what happened.
Yes okay, I’ve already said the weather hasn’t been brilliant lately but, on one hand we are being told by the powers that be that there is a hosepipe ban and in the next breath the ground is waterlogged and shows are having to be cancelled through no fault of their organisers.
In fact I turned on the television not long ago to watch the Badminton Horse Trials – not possible as the trials had been cancelled. Hot on the heels of the news that we had lost one of our top championship shows came reports that we were also going to lose Chesvale open show which was to have been held on the same day.
We should spare a thought for the organisers of these clubs who must have been devastated when they realised that all their efforts were for nothing. Both clubs did a brilliant job of contacting judges and competitors to make sure that no-one had wasted journeys and of course their jobs are still not over with refunds to sort out and accounts to prepare for the Kennel Club.

Encouraging note

We have since heard that the Southern Border Collie show has had to be cancelled due to the ground being waterlogged. Where will it all end we ask ourselves – goodness only knows.
However, on a more encouraging note we have recently heard that Rugby DTC will be running its ticket classes on the Birmingham GSD open show day on Sunday September 16. Absolutely brilliant and well done to both clubs on coming to this agreement and also to the KC for its support on agreeing to this arrangement.
Now we move on to the results from Leicestershire GSD championship show which was held on Monday May 7. The ticket judges were Maureen Allcock (dogs) and Bryan Luckock (bitches) and as I had been in Scotland for Burnbank it is difficult to go into great detail.
However, I was delighted to receive a text message from Phil Barnes to say that she had won the bitch ticket with Jezzie (Ob Ch Bheinn Bewitched), this being Jezzie’s fifth win at championship level.
The result of the dog ticket was a win for Mary Ray and Levi (Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans), but hot on their heels was another one of those Bheinn dogs, a litter brother to Jezzie in fact, namely this year’s Crufts champions, Chris Roberts with Dudley (Ob Ch Bheinn It’s Cuddly He’s Dudley). I could say, ‘come on Chris, what were you playing at only getting the reserve’, but no, I’m very proud of you both of you. That goes without saying.
We move on now to two days at Wirral ATS ticket on Saturday and open on Sunday. The weather was fairly kind to us although we had a fair amount of rain when we arrived on Friday. Dave Howell judged the bitch ticket and I judged the dogs.
The early leader in the bitch class was Pat Watson with Flicker, a position this team held by the time we got to the lunch break. Other teams in contention were Marie Cartwright with Dazzle, Margaret Ward with Flyte and Mary Vessey with Lizzie.
However, last but one to work was Phil Barnes with Jezzie (Ob Ch Bheinn Bewitched). This team went into the lead and with just scent left to do the positions remained the same so Phil and Jezzie won their second ticket in as many weeks, and taking the reserve was Pat Watson with Flicker (Forevermagic Its Flicker).
On now to the dog class where before lunch Kamal Fernandez and Jotunheim Excaliber (Strutt) were in the lead. This team was lovely to watch and I’m sure their day will come. The heelwork itself was brilliant but the heelwork positions were not as sharp as I would have liked to see.
However the whole round was a joy to watch and they thoroughly deserved to be in the position they were at that time.
Stays took place shortly after lunch and unfortunately Strutt broke the sit stay so that was his chance gone and Kamal took him out but at that time they had a fair amount to play with – at the end of the day they would possibly have still been in the cards but I can understand the disappointment.
As in the bitch class it was the last but one team to work who went into the lead. Chris Roberts with Dudley (Ob Ch Bheinn Its Cuddly He’s Dudley), produced a lovely round which put them into the lead, but following them was Jessica Lewis with Ozzie (Colliewood Casanova), and they also produced a super round.
So it was all down to scent where both teams completed the exercise adequately which meant a win for Chris and Dudley with Jessica and Ozzie in reserve. I’m sure it won’t be long before this team gets their just reward.
So what a fabulous weekend for Tammy’s babies who went one better than last time by winning both the dog and bitch tickets. To say I’m proud is an understatement, just absolutely brilliant as far as I’m concerned and many congratulations to Phil, Jezzie, Chris and Dudley. Just amazing.


Now on to the open show day where the result of the open C judged by Billy Ferguson was unbelievable. Every single dog who actually competed in the class failed scent so the result was the same as the situation before scent. I can’t remember that ever happening before – can anyone else?
As it happened Tammy was lying second before scent and that’s where she ended up, but it’s very rare she fails scent, the same applying to Geraldine Steadman’s Ob Ch Nobite Defence Of The Realm but that’s how it goes.
But what a fantastic weekend I had because to put the icing on the cake, Tallis won A and B on Sunday so I was absolutely delighted.
A great weekend without a doubt.