Is there any way in which the big shows could economise and thereby allow entry fees to go down?

Created: 24/06/2010


Kitty, 29/06/2010

More revenue might be made from paying for benching but refunding for those who acutually use it. At a recent show I had to fight through two different breeds both in adjacent rings as they had completely blocked the entrance to my breed. Do you need a gazebo at the ring?

As with lots of functions expences could be reduced if people were fair and many know that they are wasting money ordering the most expensive menu and having fancy rooms etc paid for, if you are here for the enjoyment of dogs then you don't need anything like that just to be able to say 'look how many people value my opinion' should be payment enough. But as others have said entries dwindle under a uneducated or 'face' orientated judge. Again a loss of income for a Show.

Davy, 27/06/2010

Well written Trysori. Certain judges,do not believe they have to abide to rules or laws of the land because the masses continue to show dogs under them.

When exhibitors,wake up and don't contribute to their expenses maybe the Kennel Club wll wake up too and treat all exhibitors and judges equally.

Davy, 27/06/2010

Well written Trysori. Certain judges,do not believe they have to abide to rules or laws of the land because the masses continue to show dogs under them.

When exhibitors,wake up and don't contribute to their expenses maybe the Kennel Club wll wake up too and treat all exhibitors and judges equally.

Trysori, 27/06/2010

Davy how true of the UK judges. They do not know one breed standard from another yet the same"chosen few" award tickets week after week at each show, only their breed varies. One week they may have a terrier and sighthound, the next a utility and a working. Time and time again I have said they need to have a comprehensive written and hands on exam before being allowed to judge, full stop. And every 3yrs a compulsory training day attendance to prove they have retained their breed / s knowledge they are passed to award CC's in. Some of them do not even know the basic skeletal and muscular structure of a rat let alone a dog! As has been proven when one did not know where the 2nd thigh is, another claims the pin bones are the spine, and the shoulder in one bone from wither to elbow! In my breed we had a mega famous "named" judge, not a specialist in my breed. I was told beforehand he would walk down the line, stop at each dog, look at the dog, then look straight up to see who was at the end of each lead. He did JUST that, and though placed me well was extremely dismissive and down right rude. And his placings reflected who he knew, very obviously. For these judges it is a profession, I wonder how the tax man views their "expenses" and freebies as in the business world these are classed as taxable income.

Davy, 27/06/2010

I have been to shows in Holland and what a difference. Organised,clean, friendly staff and not overpriced. Obviously,there is a greater pool of judges,worldwide to pick from. However,look at the Irish shows,they also choose a lot of judges for one show . Airfares,hotels ,bar bills? and very little back to the exhibitor,who pays for the judges holiday.
AS FOR THE COMMENTS BY TRYSORI. Lots of these judges have never passed an exam etc. which the Kennel Club make aspiring judges sit for cc level,yet are seen week after week judging different breeds in the U.K. and Worldwide. No level playing field and this is what they want in THE U.K. AND Ireland,if not elsewhere! Either nobody has to go through the hell to award CC's or everybody past and present have to.If not ,exhibitors,should not support the old guard judges,who look down their noses at us mere underlings!!

Trysori, 27/06/2010

The World Show could give all here a lesson in how to treat exhibitors - particularly Crufts (hello KC !!!). Organised, polite Dansk KC reps, excellent and cheap camping (28 euro for the duration), trade stands had their own halls and you did not have to trapse through them to get to your ring. Unlike Crufts where you feel like an afterthought, officious KC green coats strutting around glaring, and the only other staff are bored NEC daily staffing the doors and car parking. Yes Fifi, some were as predictable as here BUT at least you felt apart from the WW titles for us most stood a fair chance of winning or high placings on merit and were given a fair going over by the judges.
No benching obviously, and it is far far better without. Dogs seem happier, everyone is organised (I don't know why someone thinks they will camp out in the ring - may be in your own breed but most respect the other exhibitors. Everyone sets up in an orderly fashion, breeds stay at their own ringsides (note to small breeds and Afghan folks here who take over every space of all ringsides regardless if it is their ring or not). First dog so much for entry, say £22, but subsequent dogs of same owner half that. And yes the same little elite band of judges who yet again are assigned to every show in the UK every year. Get rid of them.

Fifi, 27/06/2010

Very good thought too Spotty !
I wonder if the World Show Results were as predictable as some here ?

Spotty Muldoon, 26/06/2010

Actually, I've had another thought. Not original to this forum, I''m afraid! I think most of us would pay the premium prices to get a fair crack of the whip. Fed up, fed up, fed up of looking at the judges list, predicting the results and being proved right! Why would any of us waste our money on that? The proof is in the entries on the day. And don't believe the hype that says "only 20 dogs down on last year". Absolute rubbish. It is corruption and not cost that is keeping exhibitors from shows.

Fifi, 26/06/2010

Attract sponsorship would be my first thought.

swarke, 25/06/2010

Benching I agree, should be booked, not that there is ever enough room around the benching area for the big breeds. Then maybe the cost could come down and more to the point the huge cost when entering 'Not for Competiton' £14.50 at some shows and when you have 2 dogs that's a huge £29. They say don't leave your dogs at home, well give us a reason why, and at least make NFC uniform over the country and a sensible price of £5 per dog! I also agree travel lodges would be good for judges!

Davy, 25/06/2010

Now I see why some judges judge all over the U.K. Ireland and worldwide. Five star hotels,open bars, food etc. I judge up to championship show level without cc's and any travel,hotel and food costs are paid for myself. Not, even a small gift to say thank you is offered to the masses of judges.The elete charmed circle is another matter. These judges should insist on staying in good cheaper hotels and donate their airmiles to dog charities. The country is having to economise ,dog show judges should do the same!

Spotty Muldoon, 24/06/2010

Definitely judges' expenses and hospitality could be cut. This is a hobby, after all, not a career choice. Benching seems a hopeless waste of money. In Ireland I've noticed that the "big" shows charge for car parking, but the club shows don't - in the same venue. I think maybe sponsorship arrangements could change. Instead of product prizes, umbrellas, kit bags and the like, just put that money into a central fund to subsidise the entries. (I definitely wouldn't want to see the food companies sponsoring individual entries.) More research of suitable venues might bring costs down. There must be loads of places in the current climate that were anti-dog before but would bite our hands off (groan!) for the business now!

Charles, 24/06/2010

I suspect that major savings can be made on the costs of accomodation and hospitality for judges ajnd hangers-on.Eg, Andrew Brace started his column last week by saying " The sun certainly shone on Southern Counties and I arrived at the Newbury Hilton " A room there costs £99 per night. What is wrong with the Travelodge ? Friends of mine exhibiting at Border Union this last week stayed at the same hotel as the judges - some were ther for 3 nights - and were appalled at the sight of the "golden circle" dining high off the hog. Apparently there was an open bar tab for them which was liberally used.

convict 225, 24/06/2010

I'm a fan of benching and seriously dislike exhibitors setting up camp with their dogs around the rings Ė Iím sure some would actually camp out in the ring if they could! That said, there is absolutely no political will among show committees to enforce the rules and insist that benches and designated grooming areas are used. It does seem crazy hiring benches that only a tiny minority of exhibitors actually use. Perhaps we could lose the benches and at the same time insist the areas around the rings were kept clear... that a pig I see fly past!?

Showmetherule, 24/06/2010

Easy - allow us to book benching with our entries so those who don't need it or only want one bench for their 'luggage' don't have to pay for it. At SKC hardly any of the benching was used, as it was so far away from the rings and people did not want to leave dogs unattended, or have to run a marathon to change dogs. Less benching would mean more room round the rings too. With the cost of hiring benching/marquees being so high this should bring down the cost to exhibitors and show societies alike.