Countryside Alliance sets out ‘case for hunting’

Created: 09/05/2012

A NEW document has been produced setting out why the management of wild animals in the British countryside is necessary and how hunting is the answer.
Entitled The Case for Hunting and produced by the Countryside Alliance and the Council of Hunting Associations, its introduction states: "The proper use of dogs as part of that management is at least as humane in welfare terms as any alternative and has unique welfare benefits. Given that man has a responsibility to manage wildlife, the use of dogs is a natural method of managing species and balancing populations. There is no evidence that it causes unnecessary suffering and is indeed a selective and humane method.
"A Scottish Parliamentary Committee put the position extremely well when it concluded its investigation into hunting in 2001 by noting that it was, ‘not the use of a dog in itself that implies cruelty; but the method and intent with which it is used’. Properly conducted hunting is a natural and humane method of wildlife management. This document makes the case for hunting.”
The Alliance’s executive chairman, Sir Barney White-Spunner, said: "We have argued the case for hunting consistently and tirelessly since it was formed in 1997. Four years ago we produced the ‘Case for Repeal’ but, perhaps because we have all become so well-rehearsed in the debate, until now there has not been a single concise document expressing the positive ‘Case for Hunting’. That gap has now been filled with this new document.
"It is not a survey of hunts nor does it seek to deal with the individual issues of different types of hunting for different quarry species. What it does is to lay out the basic principles of hunting within the context of animal welfare, wildlife management and conservation. It will sit beside the ‘Case for Repeal’ as the foundation of the campaign for hunting and inform the debate over the future of hunting for there is one thing that is absolutely certain: that debate has not gone away and can only ever be resolved on the basis of the scientific and logical approach laid out in these documents.”
Download the document at www.countryside-alliance.org.uk/ca/campaigns-hunting/the-case-for-hunting-download-it-here


neutral, 14/05/2012

They are still actively hunting they still have terriers in attendance.
and any man with a shotgun or lurchers can still do a more efficient and humane method of culling. Paul