High-profile checks to be discussed at KC AGM

Created: 03/05/2012

High-profile checks to be discussed at KC AGM

THE HIGH-profile veterinary checks will be the subject of discussion at the Kennel Club’s annual meeting in ten days’ time.
Among the items to be debated are two which ask that the checks be stopped while a thorough investigation of the process takes place.
Ron Stewart is suggesting that ‘Given the undue division and negative consequences of the veterinary checks introduced at Crufts the process be further re-examined to clarify:

• The process of veterinary selection;
• Precise remit of veterinary role;
• Unequivocal adherence to remit;
• Immediate public transparency of the procedure as it is conducted’.

Tony Steele asks that the checks are halted temporarily pending a complete review of the structure and implementation of said tests, and that they should be reintroduced once a full and frank consultation period has been completed with the dog-showing community as a whole.
Glynn Payne is proposing that from immediate effect the checks are stopped pending a full and thorough investigation of the process and its effectiveness on health and welfare. He suggests they are reintroduced when they are ‘a fair and equitable test for everybody concerned’.
Judith Robin-Smith is proposing that the General Committee examines the registration process, taking into account the use of the KC authenticated pedigree as a basic registration and to consider the introduction of an enhanced registration for those animals who are to be exhibited and/or used for breeding.
DOG WORLD has also learnt the names of the members standing for places on the General Committee. They are Chris Bexon, Mark Cocozza, Susan Garner – there are two members of this name but this one specialises in obedience, Stephen Green, David Guy, Paul Harding, Ian Kettle, Ernie Paterson, Ian Seath, Bill Short, Dr John Symonds and Jan Wood.

General Committee

Ten places on the General Committee will come vacant at the AGM, and the occupiers of six of those places are standing for re-election. Dr Ruth Barbour is standing down and Valerie Foss retires under the 75-year rule. Currently, the members of the General Committee are chairman Steve Dean, vice-chairman Mike Townsend, Steve Croxford, Anne Bliss, Dr Barbour, Anne Macdonald, Meg Purnell-Carpenter, Annette Oliver, Patricia Sutton, Keith Young, Maurice Cooke, Ellis Hulme, Dr Ron James, Gerald King, Simon Luxmoore, Alan Rountree, Gil Simpson, Wilson Young, Stan Ford, Mrs Foss, Graham Hill, Jeff Horswell, Frank Kane, Tom Mather and Paul Rawlings.
Messrs Ford, Hill, Horswell, Kane, Mather and Rawlings are standing for re-election. Since the last AGM Prof Dean has become chairman and a trustee and Mr Luxmoore a trustee.


EdeB, 03/05/2012

I would like to know who qualifies as a member of the 'dog showing community' who are to be consulted about the vet checks. Anyone who has ever shown a dog? Shown more than three times? etc How would this be proven? How will all these people be notified of the consultation and would the consultation be nullified if some dog showers are not consulted?? There seems to be a lack of interest in asking these sort of questions and just taking statements at face value.