Will new legislation threaten Hungarian Kennel Club?

Created: 02/05/2012

THE WORK of the Hungarian Kennel Club appears to be under threat.
DOG WORLD has heard that the Hungarian Government has passed a law saying that from May 15 only government departments can register animals, including puppies and kittens.
The Hungarian KC (MEOE), whose president is Andras Korozs, is due to host the World Show next year.
"This looks like the end of the MEOE,” claimed one person on the Champdogs website.
A breeder and exhibitor from Hungary is quoted as saying that from that date the Hungarian KC, which is a member of the FCI, will no longer be able to issue pedigrees or have any control over the breeding of dogs. They alleged that the country’s agricultural ministry had ‘pushed through’ a regulation which changes the law regarding the breeding of animals so that after May 15 only government-recognised breeding associations would be permitted to issue pedigrees for dogs, create regulations about and control
breeding, qualify brood bitches and stud dogs, etc.


The writer feared that a tradition which was more than 100 years old might end because the kennel club would be hit with harsh penalties and fines if it continued its normal practices.
The situation would be exacerbated by the fact that the organisations the government wants to take over the kennel club’s work – the ETSZ and MESZSZ – are not recognised by the FCI.
"Most Hungarian dog people do not want to leave the 113-year-old club and join some new and immature organisation,” the exhibitor said. "Plus, the FCI has said it won’t recognise any other organisations in Hungary but the kennel club there.
"So we are in a catch 22 situation: after May 15 the kennel club will not be able to issue pedigrees and determine and control breeding, while the ETSZ organisations and MESZSZ have no FCI registration and don’t look as if they are ready to continue the work of the kennel club.
"We don’t know the future of Hungarian dog breeding – if there is any future for us at all.”
The Champdogs post continued: "I do feel for anyone showing or breeding dogs in Hungary at the moment. I went on to wonder what would happen if our Government decided that it could do a better job than the Kennel Club.”
A new group has surfaced on Facebook called ‘Save the Hungarian Kennel Club’.
It spokesman said: "We ask all members of the FCI to help save the MEOE by supporting this group.

Long tradition

The MEOE has a long tradition, established in 1899, of pedigree registration, FCI international shows, breed clubs and all kind of canine activities for the benefit of its members.
"Let us stand together and show the Hungarian Government how many people support this club all over the world.”
DW is awaiting a response from the Hungarian KC and the FCI.