KC sets up four gundog training days this summer

Created: 02/05/2012

THERE will be four gundog training days for novice handlers, organised by the Kennel Club, this summer.
The KC says they will be ideal for those interested in knowing more; they are aimed at beginners of any age who have retrievers or spaniels.
Following the success of similar days held for the first time last year, the KC has added two more dates in 2012 hoping to encourage as many people as possible. They will be on Sunday May 13 at Newmills, High Peak, Derbyshire; Sunday June 17 at Dunira, Perthshire; Sunday July 15 at Wyck Rissington, Gloucestershire; and Saturday August 4 at Walberswick, Suffolk.
Kira Leith-Ross and Adrian Robinson, of Skelton, Cleveland, attended one of last year’s training days with two Labrador puppies. Kira said: "We went along with a six-month-old and an eight-month-old puppy and all four of us loved it. I discovered that my dog was much smarter, and that I was less useless, than I had originally thought!  
"It was a great feeling of achievement, and progress was evident throughout the day. Both dogs expected more of me afterwards.”
KC spokesman Caroline Kisko said: "Training for gundog work is a fun and unique way to spend time with your dog and to teach him key skills which will help him enjoy an exciting ‘career’ doing what he loves best. There will be tuition from some of the most experienced and well known retriever and spaniel trainers, and attendees can expect a fun and challenging experience.
"These days are the perfect opportunity to let your dog put his natural instincts to great use. Gundogs love nothing more than working alongside their owners and these training days will help anyone with an interest in starting out in working dog activities to hone their techniques and get the most out of their dog.”  
Applicants are asked to provide some background information on any experience they may have in gundog work so the trainers can adjust the day’s activities accordingly, the KC says.
To download an application form, visit
www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/3646. For more information contact Marianne Walker on 020 7518 1059 or email marianne.walker@thekennelclub.org.uk.