Chipping puppies should be no problem: DW vet

Created: 25/04/2012

IT IS not yet known what the outcome will be of the Government’s new consultation on compulsory microchipping.
Nevertheless, DOG WORLD asked its resident vet, Kennel Club chairman Prof Steve Dean, what he thought about small puppies being chipped and whether any dangers were involved.
He said that he would regard chipping a 12-week-old puppy – the age already flagged up as the one the Government may opt for – as ‘perfectly reasonable’.
"For some of the miniature breeds the microchip is always going to be a concern for the owner, but they should be reassured that other much smaller animal species are microchipped without ill effects,” he said.
"Providing the microchip is inserted by a trained, competent person there should be no problem inserting it under the skin of a young puppy.
"Although the needle is larger, the insertion of a chip is not technically different to administration of a vaccine.
"There have been reports about microchips migrating but in most cases it will still be found with a suitable scanner albeit not in the place it was first positioned.
"To my knowledge there have been no medical consequences to chip migration, which is not surprising given that the migrating chip will remain under the skin and will not penetrate other tissues of the body.
"Only very rarely does a chip become unreadable either due to migration or chip failure.”


wysiwyg, 26/04/2012

If they are to be chipped before they leave the breeder they will be a hell of a lot younger than 12 weeks old.