Should the Kennel Club register only puppies whose parents have, where appropriate, been health-tested?

Created: 19/04/2012


Brainless, 23/04/2012

A two tier system is exactly what we have now with the general public not knowing whether KC reg means anything. All breedign stock shold be Hip and eye tested as a minimum, with breed specific tests in additon, adn we then would not need an ABS scheme, which many excellent breeders do not with to join. The paperwork alone is daunting enough for someone that breeds once in a blue moon.

Skip, 19/04/2012

Two tier system would allow KC to still register offspring from non-health tested parents, but those breeders who do health test their dogs PRIOR to breeding them should get a special level of service/registration, to differentiate the quality/health level.

Barney, 19/04/2012

In a perfect world, yes, but unless the people who want it are prepared to foot the difference with the KC for the people who don't, a compromise is needed. A double tier system like we used to have for show and non show stock for Health and non-health tested stock would seem to be needed in the interim.

Showmetherule, 19/04/2012


Eshia, 19/04/2012

Yes they should have been doing this a long time ago