Midlands meeting set for Thursday to discuss Crufts' vet checks

Created: 12/03/2012

DOG SHOW exhibitors and breeders unhappy with the way the Kennel Club’s health checks on the 15 so-called high-profile breeds were handled at Crufts will attend a meeting in the Midlands on Thursday evening.

As the result of a Facebook campaign called ‘Exhibitors Voice and Choice’, launched on Sunday night, a meeting has been arranged to let exhibitors sound off about what happened at Crufts when six breeds were banned from competing for the group after failing the newly-introduced veterinary checks after winning best of breed.  

The meeting is set to take place from 6pm on Thursday in the Britannia Suite at the National Motorcycle Museum located close to the NEC where Crufts took place. The announcement on the Facebook group says the meeting will ‘discuss the implications of the health checks carried out at Crufts and arrive at some conclusions which would be forwarded to the KC’.

Andrew Brace says on the group: "Everyone who is passionate about our sport is requested to attend – regardless of what breed you have. This affects everyone.”

Emotions on the Facebook group are running high, with some commentators particularly upset that some of the UK’s most experienced and well-respected judges had their decisions overturned.    


MamaBas, 14/03/2012

Wishing all who can get to the Meeting good luck in trying to sort out this terrible mess.

Davy, 13/03/2012

I,am surprised this meeting is taking place,so soon after Crufts.

Two vets I know well,have said to me,if all the breeds had been vet checked,probably a lot more dogs would have been disqualified.

Call me cynical,however I doubt such a fuss would be taking place,if judges such as Zena Thorn-Andrews,Ferelith Somerfield , Jeff Horswell and Bert Easdon,had not been some of the judges whose Best Of Breeds were disqualified.

The main concern should be for pedigree dogs and not the feelings of certain judges.
I,would like to see a gradual increase to all breeds being vet checked by independent vets and all judges,should remember they are meant to place dogs which are Fit For Function,no matter WHO THEY THINK THEY ARE.

Yorker, 13/03/2012

In the outside world the message is finally getting out that the Kennel Club is doing all it can for dogs health or maybe this meeting might come up with some positive ideas to help dogs and not just aggrieved exhibitors. Ronnie Irving and his team came up with ideas and Steve Dean and his team actioned it They and the vets deserve our thanks for the sake of canine health. ...Yorker

convict 225, 12/03/2012

I hope the meeting can find a way forward that’s acceptable to all sides. I won’t be able to attend the meeting but my position is simple. I’m not wedded to the vet checks currently in place but I am 100% committed to the concept of scrutiny by a truly independent veterinary surgeon. I don’t expect many people care too much if vet checks take place before or after judging, if one or more vets are involved or if they cover many more breeds than the famous fifteen. The issue is that they do take place and are transparent. If, however, the Kennel Club abandon the concept of outside scrutiny for show dogs I, for one, will regard it as nothing short of betrayal.