BREAKING NEWS: Steve Dean is new chairman of the Kennel Club

Created: 07/06/2011

BREAKING NEWS: Steve Dean is new chairman of the Kennel Club

STEVE Dean has been elected the new chairman of the Kennel Club.
He replaces Ronnie Irving who announced his decision not to stand again at last month’s AGM.
Mike Townsend was re-elected as vice-chairman.
The KC’s General Committee met on Tuesday morning, its first task being to elect a new chairman. The process is shrouded in secrecy and the candidates’ identity – and not even their number – were revealed. However, among the names bandied around in the last few days in addition to Professor Dean were Simon Luxmoore, Pat Sutton and Dr Ruth Barbour.
Candidates – who must be among the General Committee’s members – were proposed by other General Committee members. The election was by secret ballot.
Professor Dean becomes the 14th chairman of the KC. He said: “I am honoured to be elected as chairman of the KC and to be given the opportunity to help improve the lives of dogs by ensuring that they live healthily and happily with responsible owners.

“I am aware of the scale of some of the challenges that we face but am excited about the opportunities that exist to help us make a real difference for dogs. I look forward to supporting and working with the millions of responsible dog breeders and owners that there are in this country, and to standing shoulder to shoulder with vets and other individuals and organisations, who are dedicated to improving the health and welfare of dogs.”

Prof Dean, who has written DOG WORLD’s A Vet’s View column since 1993, is 59 and became a KC member in 1992. He breeds, shows and judges Border Terriers under the Tyrian kennel name – judging at Crufts in 2009 – and is chairman of the Southern Border Terrier Club and past chairman of Slough Canine Society. He is also breed health co-ordinator for the seven Border Terrier clubs. He has made up several champions.
He is president of Windsor Dog Show Society.
Prof Dean is the past veterinary advisor to the Council of Docked Breeds, speaks at canine events on a variety of health subjects and organises breed seminars and educational events.
He has been on the General Committee since 2005, and is currently on the Disciplinary Sub-Committee, Crufts, Finance and General Purposes Committee and Scientific Advisory Group.
For 13 years he was in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, and has been a practising vet, a veterinary radiologist and lecturer in anatomy at the Royal Veterinary College. He cites his other interests at clinical parasitology, immunology and genetic diseases.
In 2009 he became chief vet at Crufts and honorary vet at the National Terrier Show.
He is a member of the British Veterinary Association – and a past council member of that body – and of the British Small Animals Veterinary Association. He is said to have a good network of contacts within the Government, veterinary politics and the research and teaching arms of the profession. He is also a scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society.
He is currently a senior civil servant for DEFRA serving as the chief executive of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, authorising veterinary medicines for the UK.
Away from the world of dogs, Prof Dean is a keen reader and gardener and an avid supporter of rowing, ‘treasuring his Henley Regatta medal equally to his achievements in the show ring’.


Spotty Muldoon, 08/06/2011

I tend to quake when I read the phrase "ticks the boxes". Let's hope for a bit more depth. Good luck to Prof Dean. It's a tough job.

norma inglis, 07/06/2011

A sensible choice, I feel as he ticks the boxes of vet, breeder, judge and exhibitor. All too often breeders get dictated to and criticised by people with little or no experience. Steve 'walks the walk' and can 'talk the talk'
from experience. Norma Inglis

MaryS, 07/06/2011

I am hopeful someone with that combination of experience can push the health and genetics agenda with a considerable degree of gravitas. Good choice.


buhundboy, 07/06/2011

Let's hope he listens to the people that pay the fees that the kennel club charge. Lets hope its goodbye to single CC's and hello 21st century.

convict 225, 07/06/2011

An interesting decision and I hope one that keeps health and welfare firmly in the front and centre on the KC's agenda. I agree with Yorker that he should be given what an Aussie like Steven Seymour might call "a fair go!"

Mardi Gras, 07/06/2011

Hear hear Yorker! ---- With his multiple qualifications as a vet, a breeder and judge, Steve has to be the best man for the job. Well done to the committee for making this excellent choice--- Letís hope you, his team, will give him the backing he will need to fulfil the awesome task ahead him.

K9intheblood, 07/06/2011

What is it with Border Terrier people? They are just so good at promoting themselves and/or each other.

Yorker, 07/06/2011

Congratulations to Prof Steve Dean and to the committee who elected him and here's hoping that having a distinguished vet at the helm will help steer the Kennel Club through to calmer waters - some hope. A number of the founders of the Kennel Club were sportsmen - lets hope he is given a sporting chance !