Pup of the year - 2008

Created: 12/12/2008

Pup of the year - 2008

Darlene delivers a double for Beagles
If you'd like to win Pup of the Year, get a Beagle! Report by Simon Parsons

For the second year running, a young champion of this Beagle has won the final of the Pro Plan/Dog World competition. This time Ferelith Somerfield’s choice was Christine Lewis’ homebred bitch Ch Fallowfield Darlene, latest in a long line of successful show dogs from this Lancashire kennel. She’s a daughter of, and linebred to, Christine’s famous stud dog Ch Fallowfield Douglas, who also appears in the pedigree of last year’s winner, Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise. Remarkably, the latter was also sired by one of Christine’s stud team, in that case an American import.
This is the second time in recent years that two consecutive POTY winners have come from the same breed; two Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds took the title for 2004 and ’05.
For many years the competition final was held in the City of London. The Porter Tun Room was a venue of enormous distinction but the down side for exhibitors was having to drive into the capital on a weekday morning.

On the move

Eventually the decision was made to move to Bedford. Again the Corn Exchange was an attractive building and there was no longer the need to negotiate the London traffic. Parking, though, wasn’t ideal so after three years the teams from Pro Plan and Dog World thought about trying to find somewhere with easy on-site parking. A number of possibilities were investigated and the choice fell on the Chesford Grange Hotel near Kenilworth.
It has all the advantages – central location, simple access from the motorways, the chance to accommodate guests in the same site as the contest itself and, above all, masses of free parking adjacent to the events centre where the final took place.
It was voted a big hit, and full marks to all concerned, and especially Kelly Wilcox and Laura Blandy from the Purina team, who are complemented by Ed Dyckhoff and Anne-Marie Jordan of Dog World.
The Wednesday evening saw a champagne reception for representatives of the show societies which host the heats. I’m sure they are pleased to do so as invariably the heats draw an enormous entry.
From 8am on Thursday the competitors began to arrive at Chesford, setting up their paraphernalia round the benching in the reception area. In all, 33 pups had been invited, one each from all the general championship shows other than Crufts, plus one from the Scottish Breeds and the national show for each group.
That works out at 32; the reason there was one extra was the disaster which befell Blackpool show, where the abandonment of the show half way through the final day meant that judging of that day’s POTY classes and the show’s heat final did not take place. It was therefore decided to invite the dogs who had won the heat on both the first and second day of the show.
Inevitably there were a few qualifiers who were unable to attend the final.
The Border Union winner, the Samoyed Zamoyski Lucky Prudence, had withdrawn as her owner had a litter due that day and was replaced in the catalogue by the runner-up, the Whippet Nevedith Pfa Princess. The St Bernard Chandlimore Bag O Tricks, who won at Richmond, was in full season and there was time to invite the runner-up, the Standard Poodle Afterglow Sugar Daddy.
Special hard luck for Jean Cooper, owner of the Driffield-winning Shiba Vormund I’m Luella at Pervale, who suffered car trouble on the way and rang through to say they wouldn’t be able to make it. The Scottish Terrier from Bournemouth, Mayson Carnival at Stuane, decided before judging, with typical stubbornness, that the carpet wasn’t to her liking so handler David Guy decided to withdraw her, and Phil Davies withdrew the Kerry Blue from National Terrier, Perrisblu Kennislain’s Chelsey, when she became unwell. Hard luck to all these and better luck in future.

Tasteful transformation
The large room which housed the final was transformed by some very tasteful banners from the sponsors, and the green-carpeted ring was bordered by white fencing, surrounding by seating for the spectators – these consisting principally of the judges of the heats, shows secretaries, chairman and other officials, and supporters of the finalists.
Chief steward Anne Bliss and her assistants Jim Peach and Ernie Paterson leave nothing to chance, and Anne could be seen carefully measuring out the ring dimensions to ensure that all the competitors would fit in to best advantage.
Everyone seated, Samantha Gutsell-Forshaw from Pro Plan welcomed us all before inviting Serena Parker to do a lap of honour with last year’s winner, her and Graham Stevens’ Beagle Archie. Little did we know then how ‘Beagly’ the day would become.
It was time to introduce the judge and Frank Kane gave an obviously sincere tribute to Ferelith Somerfield’s lifetime experience in dogs and the qualities which have made her one of the world’s most sought after judges. "She’s a great ambassador for Britain,” he said and so she is.

Chance to judge

It may seem strange that a judge of her distinction and expertise had never previously judged this final, but of course she would not accept this appointment during the years she was directly connected with Dog World, as editor or chairman. So it was great that she has now had the chance to judge the competition which has meant so much to her for more than 30 years.
Each of this year’s contenders then did an individual ring circuit, before the first three qualifiers returned to the ring. They had plenty of space available as no more than three were present in the ring at any one time, one more entering as another left.
There’s no more accomplished double act in the game than the commentating team of Frank Kane and Jessica Holm, who told us all about each competitor. I think there’s a lot to be said to have a pair of speakers for a competition of this sort, especially if their delivery is as seamless as this pair’s. What a waste that we won’t have the chance to hear their knowledgeable take on Crufts on the TV this year.
Three achievements deserve special mention: with the addition of the Richmond reserve, Sugar Daddy, there were three pups of different breeds bred by Mike Gadsby and Jason Lynn, the others being the Afghan Afterglow Jefferson at Jazzmeenah and American Cocker Afterglow Dial M For Murder.
Hernwood Diamond Rock, bred by Pete and Christine Sandiford, had become the first Gordon Setter ever to reach this final, and at the very next show his litter brother Hernwood Talladega Rock become the second.
Michael Coad had two homebred Bichons present, Ch Pamplona Could It Be Magic and Pamplona Bring Me Sunshine. Other breeds with two reps included Shih Tzu, Pointers and Beagles.
Each of the pups assessed, they all returned to fill up the ring, and Feffie gave them all another good look before making her initial shortlist.
These were:
Whippet, Nevedith Pfa Princess, homebred by Editha Newton from two homebred champions both of whom were also POTY qualifiers. Through her dam Ch Nevedith Lfa Ladylove, runner-up to POTY ’06, she ‘s a fourth generation qualifier for this remarkable line. She a RCC winner, top puppy ‘08 and an excellent hunter… She was Judy Averis’ runner-up at Border Union.
One of Michael’s Bichons, Ch Pamplona Could It Be Magic, the breed’s youngest champion at 12 months three days, now with six CCs and several group places and top Bichon ’08. Steve Hall’s selection at Bath.
Christine Lewis’ Beagle Ch Fallowfield Darlene, about whom you can read more elsewhere, another made up at three days over the year and a Petplan junior stakes qualifier. Specialist Jill Peak’s choice at the Houndshow.

Richard Allen’s Wire Fox Terrier Travella Special Feature, bred by Bill Browne-Cole, a ‘babychamp’ with three CCs at under a year, BPIS at Belfast, RBPIS at South Wales and runner-up in the junior stakes final. Jeff Luscott put him through at Welsh Kennel Club.
Two of the Afterglow contenders, firstly Mike Gadsby, Jason Lynn and Gilda Rix’s American Cocker Afterglow Dial M For Murder, the youngest contender at just eight months and shown only once last year at Midland Counties where she was Liz Dunhill’s choice.
Jason and Mike’s Standard Poodle Afterglow Sugar Daddy, a son of 2008 Top Dog Donny, himself a RCC winner and Denys Simpson’s POTY runner-up at Richmond.
Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure’s Akita Redwitch What Goes Around, co-bred by Dave Killilea, Top Puppy of the year and winner of two RCCs. Paul Wilkinson’s selection at WELKS.
Julie Sheridan and Steve Walker’s Newfoundland Hanningfield Touch Of Magic, bred by Steve and Cindy Walker, the youngest male of the breed to win a RCC and winner of more championship show BP than any other Newf, three championship show puppy groups and two open show BIS. Vandy Williams’ choice at Scottish Kennel Club.
Jaxson Manser and Amy English’s Lakeland Terrier Nujax My Way, overall winner of the junior stakes final, a puppy group winner and came through to this final as one of Anne Macdonald’s winner at his first show, Blackpool.
One of the Gordon littermates, Hernwood Talladega Racer, owned by Claire Lewis with breeders Pete and Christine Sandiford, who at 12 months became the breed’s youngest ever group winner after taking the CC and BOB at SKC, winner of two BPIS and Albert Wight’s POTY winner at South Wales.

One and only
And the Norwegian Buhund Arnscroft Di Di Di Delilah, owned by breeder Di Stirling with Chris Cross, Nikki Houston and Nancy Evans, winner of three RCCs as a puppy, top puppy with BP awards at all her 15 championship shows, puppy group winner and the only puppy produced by her champion dam from six attempts.
After a further movement Feffie cut these down to five, all from the smaller breeds – so often these are the more mature by the time of the final. These were the champion Bichon and Beagle, the babychamp Wire, the Whippet following her mother’s footprints and the baby American Cocker.
And on to the smart new podium to receive the trophy was the Beagle, followed by the Wire who has now been runner-up in two major finals.
After an interval with time for a drink, chatting and networking it was a return to the main hall which had by now been transformed into a dining room. A deliciously garlicky chicken terrine was followed by lamb rump and sticky toffee pudding.
Stuart Irvine, the brand’s managing director, could not attend thanks to ‘flu so Purina’s speech was given by the brand’s commercial director Liz Wood who stressed the company’s commitment to the health and wellness of the animals it feeds, and to building up a relationship with dog breeders. She thanked all the show societies for their co-operation and reminded us how lucky we are to share a passion for our pet dogs who give us unconditional love and are just the same one day to the next.
Feffie told us how she had always loved this competition and explained how on behalf of Dog World she had stepped in when the Daily Express, which had run it for its first three years, ceased to do so. She had been given great encouragement by Catherine Sutton, whose brainchild it had been. She also contacted Jon Delap of Spillers, the dog food company which had earlier been involved with the competition, and so began a collaboration and a ‘wonderful friendship’ between Dog World and Spillers and its successor companies which has now continued for well over 30 years. So, for Feffie judging the competition was like coming full circle.

In memory of Catherine Sutton

Dog World’s Kerry Williamson invited the day’s winners to come up to receive their awards: Christine was presented with the Catherine Sutton Memorial Trophy for the winner by Catherine’s daughter Patricia; Marion Spavin presented the Ch Dialynne Gamble Trophy for runner-up to Richard; Patricia presented the Rossut Jasmine Memorial Trophy to Serena Parker and Graham Stevens, breeders of last year’s winner.
With the Rossut and Dialynne connections, as well as this year’s winner and last, the word Beagle became familiar to our ears; indeed Kerry challenged us to count how often she used the word – eleven times I think.
Final trophy is DOG WORLD’s Award of Excellence and you can read elsewhere on these pages about this year’s recipients.
Liz rounded off the occasion by presenting the traditional gifts to judge, commentators and stewards – and now the circus begins again and as you read this the first finalist in Pup of the Year 2008 will already have been chosen at Boston. If you’ve bred a pup you’re proud of, why not enter him or her in this year’s contest – especially if he’s a Beagle!

Darlene took the title in style
Having attended the first Pup of the Year final and missed but a handful since, it gave me tremendous pleasure to be invited to judge the final this year.
In years gone by I was involved with the planning stages and so I know what efforts are always made to make this day special for everyone, especially the exhibitors and dogs of course, but also judge, visitors and indeed everyone taking part.
The visitors include people from the societies hosting rounds and the judges who sent through the finalists, which is only right because without them there would be no competition, never mind final. I have always been impressed by the quality of the pups we see each year. Judging puppies is not easy and I think that the standard does our judges great credit.
Over the years a number of different venues have been used, and each has had its advantages, and uniqueness, but I personally think that the Chesford Grange Hotel at Kenilworth has it all – a central position near main roads (and railway), easy access, good accommodation, parking, exercising areas, space and atmosphere.
The competition itself runs smoothly but without any excess hassle to anyone, but of course there is a very experienced team in charge, with Anne Bliss. Jim Peach and Ernie Paterson controlling the ring, and Dr Jessica Holm and Frank Kane as commentators.
There were 33 finalists but the Scottish Terrier decided the venue was unacceptable and was withdrawn, as was the Kerry Blue who was unwell. The Shiba Inu was delayed on the road while the Samoyed from Border Union had withdrawn earlier, allowing the Whippet to compete.
The St Bernard, I believe, was in season so was kept at home, and that was known in time for the second at the Richmond heat, Mike Gadsby and Jason Lynn’s Standard Poodle, to be present. This meant that Mike and Jason joined Michael Coad (Bichons) and Pete and Christine Sandiford (Gordon Setters) in having two finalists – a wonderful achievement – and in addition Mike and Jason bred a third finalist.
From the 30 competitors I shortlisted 11: Akita, Newfoundland, Bichon bitch, Whippet, Lakeland, Gordon Setter, Norwegian Buhund, Beagle, Wire Fox Terrier, Standard Poodle and American Cocker. And this still meant that several very worthy finalists left the ring without further recognition.
I next whittled these down to five: Bichon Ch Pamplona Could It Be Magic; Whippet Nevedith Pfa Princess; Beagle Ch Fallowfield Darlene; Wire Fox Terrier Travella Special Feature; and American Cocker Afterglow Dial M For Murder.
Beagles have a very special place in this competition as Kerry Williamson pointed out in her speech later, but this year was all about Christine Lewis’ Darlene who took the title in style. This beautiful lemon and white bitch has a lovely head and eye, is so well made with good body, bone and muscle, is sound moving and enjoys herself so much. Indeed her puppy naughtiness (she is now 17 months old) is a part of her charm.
She even bewitched the stately, well behaved Wire Fox Terrier, Special Feature, owned by Richard Allen and bred by Billy Browne-Cole. He was in great form, again a lovely head, full of expression and a good mover. His coat and furnishings were also just right.
I loved Editha Newton’s feminine Whippet bitch. She is such a good shape and a pleasing size. Michael Coad’s Bichon bitch also pressed all the way. She has great presence and is so well balanced. Finally the American bitch owned and bred by Michael Gadsby, Jason Lynn and Gilda Rix. She was the youngest at just under nine months and again it was wonderful to see such a promising, quality puppy behave like a puppy showing her character. I believe it was only the second time she has been shown.
I must thank Purina ProPlan and Dog World for a wonderful start to the 2009 show year.

Christine's lifelong affection for Beagles proves to be a winner
CHRISTINE Lewis first met the Beagle breed as a very young child. Her aunt bred Boxers and also kept a couple of Beagles and Christine used to play with these when she was too young to walk the Boxers.
It was Boxers that she first owned herself, followed by Dalmatians in which she made up two champions. She always fancied owning a Beagle and her first arrived in the early 1970s, initially from Joan Beck (Letton) and then a bitch from Ann Argyle (Harque) which started off her line.
She always admired the Spavin family’s Dialynne dogs and when they brought out a new dog, Solison, she asked if she could have him if they ever considered selling him. After they made him a champion as a junior they let him go to Fallowfield – Christine still talks of him as ‘a fantastic dog’.
Her own first Beagle champion was crowned in 1993, Fallowfield Zanto, himself a Pup of the Year qualifier. Since then she has consistently made up champions, 12 in all. Of these the star has been Ch Fallowfield Douglas, a highly successful show and stud dog with 13 CCs and a group win.
Another big winner was his grand-daughter and half-sister Ch Fallowfield Delilah, with ten CCs and fourth place in the champion stakes final. Their dam was Ch Dilly whom Christine thinks her latest star Darlene much resembles.
Darlene comes from a mating between Douglas and his great-granddaughter Dixie, whose dam was Delilah. She was never shown, simply because Christine was campaigning others at the time.
This was a litter of seven and at first there did not seem anything special – Douglas’ puppies can take their time to develop. It was not until she was four months old that the bitch Christine kept, Darlene, showed promise of being something exciting. However once she got into the ring her career was meteoric, with BP at her first show, a breed open event, the puppy stakes at the Hound Association of Scotland, and BP at two breed championship shows and four general shows.
Southern Counties proved a spectacular day when, aged nine months, she won the CC and BOB under Mark Cocozza and group 2 behind the big winning Basenji under Andrew Brace who had given her BP at the Scottish Beagle Club and later put her through to the junior stakes final.
Her second CC came at Blackpool under Melanie Spavin and her third at Bournemouth, just a few days out of puppy, under Frank Kane, who had also put up her grandmother Delilah, as indeed had POTY judge Ferelith Somerfield. She also has a RCC under Brian Foster, and was top puppy for 2008.
She won her way through to the POTY final at the Houndshow under breed specialist Jill Peak.
Christine keeps about 20 Beagles – the joy of a packhound breed such as this is that they will run happily together in their big grass run. Her husband Brian helps look after them when she is at shows – at POTY he made a rare appearance while their daughter-in-law did the dogs at home.
She describes Darlene as a ‘real extrovert who absolutely idolises me’.
The mating which produced Darlene is as close as Christine would ever wish to breed, and to open up her lines she has imported five Beagles from the US and Canada, giving her scope for a wider selection of lines for future matings. One of these has two CCs, and another, Am Ch Wilkeep Co’s Hocus Pocus at Fallowfield, has made a significant mark as a sire. Indeed this is not only the second year running for a Beagle to win POTY, but also the second year the winner has been one of Christine’s stud dogs. The 2007 POTY, Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise, is by Hocus Pocus ex a Douglas granddaughter.
She may well continue to show Darlene but has a number of youngsters she would also like to campaign.

"I would like to give heartfelt thanks to judge Mrs Ferelith Somerfield for a wonderful day and all the sporting exhibitors for their sincere congratulations.”
Christine Lewis

Excellence rewarded for Geoff and Michael
GEOFF CORISH and Michael Coad must have been rather surprised when, on the morning of the Pup of the Year final, they saw last week’s DOG WORLD in which we had reprinted an interesting interview with them by Sue LeMieux, which had appeared in the American magazine Dogs in Review.
Why had we used this in that particular week? A few hours later, all was revealed when Kerry Williamson presented Geoff and Michael with the Dog World Award of Excellence.
This award honours individuals who have set the highest standards of achievement in the world of dogs. This certainly applies to this partnership, who have the distinction of remaining the only all-breed professional handlers in the UK to have handled champions in every group.
They have also won the Top Dog title four times and BIS at Crufts three times. As Kerry said: "The dogs they have piloted to these wins have become so well known that their full names are not even necessary: dogs such as Fresno, Fatal, Sadie, Buster, Buttons, Hank and Mick.”
For the benefit of newer recruits to the world of dogs, these are Lhasa Apso Ch Saxonsprings Fresno, Bichon Ch Si’bon Fatal Attraction at Pamplona, Standard Poodle Ch Pamplona Something Special and Bichon Ch/Am Ch Paray’s I Told You So (all Top Dogs), and West Highland White Ch Dianthus Buttons, Lhasa Apso Ch Saxonsprings Hackensack and Kerry Blue Ch/Am Ch Torum’s Scarf Michael (all BIS at Crufts).
Some of these are their own dogs, some handled for other people. Famous clients have included Joy Taylor’s Nanfan Norfolks, Jean Blyth’s Saxonsprings Lhasas and Catherine and Patricia Sutton’s Rossut Beagles.
They have a number of connections with the Pup of the Year competition, as Geoff handled and co-owned the 2006 winner, a Smooth Fox Terrier. He also judged a Pup of the Year round in ‘08 and Michael had two homebred qualifiers competing.
"A Pup of the Year final without them just wouldn’t seem the same!” said Kerry. "Geoff and Michael’s successes are the result of a lifetime’s dedication and hard work complemented by an innate empathy with their canine charges which brings out the very best show-ring performances from them.
"In addition to reaching the absolute top as handlers and breeders since their partnership was established in 1985, both are popular international judges. They have set the highest standards for aspiring professional handlers to aim for in generations to come and this award couldn’t be more richly deserved.”

2008 qualifiers

Born February 24, 2007, Ch Tameron Mr XS ex Zansaws Mamma Mia at Sonoma.
Owned by Helen Howard, bred by Rob and Carol Stubbs. Qualified Boston, judge Sandra Marshall.

Born March 27, 2007, Ch Forgevalley Star Struck at Witchgait ex Witchgait Wishful Thinking.
Owned and bred by Sharon Sutherland. Qualified Manchester, judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter.

3 MOLOKO MORANGIE, Golden Retriever
Born June 13, 2007, Sw Ch Floprym Rivaldo ex Trewater Party Cracker for Moloko.
Owned by Linda Younie, bred by Mary Neil. Qualified Scottish Breeds, judge Ann Hutchison.

Born September 28, 2007, Lireva’s Sir Come Navigator ex Thelbern The Dancing Queen.
Owned and bred by Julie Pike. Qualified UK Toy, judge Liz Stannard.

Born September 9, 2007, Perrisblu Emperor ex Perrisblu Miss Ele.
Owned by Phil Davies, bred by Brendan and Sonya Laing. Qualified National Terrier, judge Geoff Corish.

Born August 26, 2007, Redwitch Suspicious Minds ex Ch Redwitch Lapdancer.
Owned by Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure, bred by Dave and Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure. Qualified WELKS, judge Paul Wilkinson.

7 BRYONYHILL MR REE, Bearded Collie
Born May 25, 2007, Int/Ger Ch Philemon Sixth Sense ex Bryonhill Miss Marple.
Owned and bred by Sue and Alan Hood. Qualified Birmingham National, judge Derek Smith.

Born September 23, 2007, Ch/Am/Dan Ch Pouch Cove’s Onyx Bay Wizard ex Hanningfield Evening Star.
Owned by Julie Sheridan and Steve Walker, bred by Steve and Cindy Walker. Qualified Scottish Kennel Club, judge Vandy Williams.

Born July 2, 2007, Ch/Am Ch Paray’s Power Play ex Pamplona Babycham.
Owned and bred by Michael Coad. Qualified Bath, judge Steve Hall.

Born July 26, 2007, Sh Ch/NZ Ch Chesterhope Lets Be Serious at Kanix ex Gempoint Coco Loco Jilony.
Owned by Kari Wilberg, bred by Jill Anthony. Qualified Southern Counties, judge Brenda Banbury.

Born June 15, 2007, Glyncastle Making Magic at Felstead ex Felstead Fresh Cream.
Owned and bred by Emlyn Snow. Qualified Three Counties, judge Maureen Micklethwaite.

Born October 31, 2007, Ch Nevedith Kfa Kraka ex Nevedith Lfa Lady Love.
Owned and bred by Editha Newton. Qualified Border Union, judge Judy Averis.

13 NUJAX MY WAY, Lakeland Terrier
Born October 2, 2007, Ch Saredon Sinatra ex Chelines Sin-Duda.
Owned and bred by Jason Manser and Amy English. Qualified Blackpool, judge Anne MacDonald.

14 GUNTHWAITE DIAMOND LIL, Rhodesian Ridgeback
Born September 8, 2007, Manzengwenya Arakhan at Gunthwaite ex Garrendee Ashani of Gunthwaite.
Owned and bred by Julie Bates and David Bates. Qualified Blackpool, judge Anne MacDonald.

Born August 6, 2008, Hernwood Delaware Diamond ex Sh Ch/Can Ch Pitmans Photo Finish at Hernwood.
Owned and bred by Pete and Christine Sandiford. Qualified Windsor, judge Tom Mather.

Born August 6, 2007, Hernwood Delaware Diamond ex Sh Ch/Can Ch Pitmans Photo Finish at Hernwood.
Owned by Pete and Chris Sandiford and Clare Lewis, bred by Pete and Chris Sandiford. Qualified South Wales, judge Albert Wight.

17 GUNALT DRAMA, Weimaraner
Born November 20, 2007, Sh Ch Gunalt Rumours about Sybaris ex Star Attraction of Gunalt.
Owned and bred by Patsy and Stephen Hollings. Qualified Paignton, judge Philip Green.

18 KIMBERWAE SPACE COWBOY, Portuguese Water Dog
Born November 5, 2007, Gemson Lepidus Kimberwae ex Bregantia Luck Be A Lady for Kimberwae.
Owned by Estella Saxton, Phil Dale and Antony Bongiovanni, bred by Estella Saxton.
Qualified National Working and Pastoral Breeds, judge Betty Flavell.

Born August 17, 2007, Ch/Aus/NZ Gr Ch Rainbow Aladin of Jhanzi ex Barjoni Secret Passion..
Owned by Andy and Julie Heritage, bred by Michael Gadsby and Jason Lynn. Qualified East of England, judge Terry Nethercott.

Born November 7, 2007, Ch Trelowen Pistyll ex Ch Arnscroft Di-Sing-With-Death.
Owned by Di Stirling, Chris Cross, Nikki Houston and Nancy Evans, bred by Di Stirling. Qualified Leeds, judge Patricia Clayton.

Born August 6, 2007, Ch Fallowfield Douglas ex Fallowfield Dixie.
Owned and bred by Christine Lewis. Qualified Houndshow, judge Jill Peak.

Born August 8, 2007, Ch Crookrise Rhum ex Ir Sh Ch Hookwood True Blue.
Owned and bred by Sue Welch. Qualified National Gundog, judge Chris Atkinson.

Born December 24, 2007, Ch Stuane Loch Guard ex Mayson Mardi Gras
Owned by Stuart Plane, bred by John and Susan Gaskell. Qualified Bournemouth, judge Valerie Foss.

Born October 17, 2007, Travella Spot On ex Travella Solar.
Owned by Richard Allen, bred by Bill Browne-Cole. Qualified Welsh Kennel Club, judge Jeff Luscott.

25 JAEVA FACE THE MUSIC, Cairn Terrier
Born December 28, 2007, Vanajam Amulet with Maxiveek ex Jaeva Lucky Dice.
Owned by Hannah Downie and Kate Tate, bred by Martin Phillips. Qualified Scottish Kennel Club, judge John Thirlwell.

Born December 9, 2007, Vandreem Imperial Jazz ex Ch Taronakits Kottonsox at Nikara.
Owned by Sandra Brandenberg, bred by Val Freer. Qualified City of Birmingham, judge David Wong.

Born September 10, 2007, Ch/Int Ch Courmayeurs Nobody Like Me ex Chandlimore Clockwork.
Owned and bred by Tan and Anne-Marie Nagrecha. Qualified Richmond, judge Denys Simpson.

Born October 12, 2007, Wassetwire By'eck It's Harvey ex Sh Ch Amicaro Iowa at Karlejay.
Owned by Sally English, bred by Karl O' Connor. Qualified Darlington, judge Peter Taylor.

Born February 15, 2008, Ch Vormund Jimmy Choo ex Ch Vormund I'm Shiraz.
Owned by Jean Cooper, bred by Liz Dunhill. Qualified Driffield, judges Kevin Young and Rob Sansom.

Born March 5, 2008, Pamplona Harry Potter ex Pamplona By Request.
Owned and bred by Michael Coad. Qualified Belfast, judge Meriel Hathaway.

31 AFTERGLOW DIAL M FOR MURDER, American Cocker Spaniel
Born April 14, 2008, Sh Ch Blue Murder over Afterglow ex Am Ch Perjes Proud Mary with Cottons.
Owned and bred by Michael Gadsby, Jason Lynn and Gilda Rix. Qualified Midland Counties, judge Liz Dunhill.

Born April 1, 2008, Santosha Nearly An Angel ex Ch Tsantha Lucky In Love.
Owned and bred by Louise Farnworth. Qualified BUBA, judge Jack Bispham.

Born January 31, 2008, Ch Dialynne Masterpiece ex Ch Dialynne Chaise.
Owned and bred by Melanie Spavin. Qualified LKA, judge Sarah Hattrell.