Top brood bitches - 2007

Created: 18/02/2007

Top brood bitches - 2007

The competition works exactly the same way as does that for the Top Stud Dogs.
In a number of breeds, no bitch has produced more than one 2006 CC winner; here no leader is recorded.
The annual award goes to the owner of the bitch at the time of her most recent litter which produced qualifying progeny.


First, top hound
Ch Saxonmill Jellicle Jett
Afghan Hound

Second, top pastoral
Ch Ebontide Lady In Black
Belgian Shepherd Dog, Groenendael

Ch Catsun Queen Of The Night For Rockisland
Hungarian Puli

Fourth, top utility
Jayrock Anastasia
Boston Terrier

Fifth, top gundog
Sh Ch Ichbin Heavensent Of Yeldoaks
Large Munsterlander

Sh Ch Lenellie Designed In Black
Curly-Coated Retriever

Seventh, top working
Dutch Ch Aritaur Dominatrix

Monalou Sensible Sybil
Bernese Mountain Dog

Ch Hubbestad The Morning After At Mistweave

Sh Ch Barleyarch Piccadilly
German Shorthaired Pointer


Top terrier
Ch/Int/Fin/Sw Ch Millvalley Styled In Red For Silhill
Australian Terrier

Top toy
Ch Kilbarchan's Final Copy

Top rare breed
Newfanova Jemima Bear At Camusmor
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Top imported register
Clearwater Sierra At Mussendun



Afghan Hounds
Ch Saxonmill Jellicle Jett 38
No qualifiers
Basset Hounds
Switherland Fabulous Touch 16
Bassets Fauves de Bretagne
No qualifiers
Bassets Griffons Vendeens, Grand
No qualifiers
Bassets Griffons Vendeens, Petit
Ch Afterglow Penelope Pitstop 19
Dialynne Mirror Image 13
Marksbury Lyrical 21
Ch Aberglyn Cherokee of Santerman 14
Dachshunds, Longhaired
Ch Darsoms Zophisticate of Bronia 21
Dachshunds, Miniature Longhaired
Jadag Fornton's Continental for Joshelle 13
Dachshunds, Smooth
Ch Lauralee Inspiration 15
Dachshunds, Miniature Smooth
*Siouxline Karolina for Barratini 10
*Ch/Can/Am Ch GrandsGables Tickle My Fancy MS 10
Dachshunds, Wire
Romanchi Tigua at Aventine 12
Dachshunds, Miniature Wire
Ch Drakesleat Lettuce Owt 15
Ch Greyflax Skylark 22
Finnish Spitz
Ch Toveri Samppanja 12
Ch Hubbestad The Morning After at Mistweave 24
Ibizan Hounds
Ch Paran Ziggy 22
Irish Wolfhounds
*Fr/It Ch Stoneybrook Sandslash 13
Norwegian Elkhounds
*Bowerhinton Breheny 13
Vison Volatile 16
Pharaoh Hounds
Ch Ezhar Rough Quest at Lyncris 11
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
No qualifiers
Caryna Kleio of Glenoak 16
Int/Ger/Fr/Aust /Lux/Dutch/Bel Ch Silkstone Opera Queen 12


Sh Ch Noir Et Blanc 17
English Setters
Mariglen Glitters 20
German Shorthaired Pointers
Sh Ch Barleyarch Piccadilly 23
German Wirehaired Pointers
Donna vom Alten Berg 14
Gordon Setters
Sh Ch Lochfain Never A Dull Moment 11
Hungarian Vizslas
*Sh Ch Duncarreg Silver Sparkler 12
Irish Setters
Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Clonageera Klassique Gwendariff 21
Irish R/W Setters
Sh Ch Corranroo Calypso 12
Italian Spinoni
Sh Ch Bedeslea Brindisi 16
Large Munsterlanders
Sh Ch Ichbin Heavensent of Yeldoaks 25
Sh Ch Medogold Wizadora 18
Retrievers, Curly-coated
Sh Ch Lenellie Designed In Black 25
Retrievers, Flat-coated
*Sh Ch Vbos Lady From Louisiana 13
Retrievers, Golden
Sh Ch Remington Requisite of Ramchaine 18
Retrievers, Labrador
Ch Ludalor Lilly 12
Spaniels, American Cocker
Am Ch Bow-K's Sit'n Pretty 20
Spaniels, Clumber
Sh Ch Heibax Sunrise Special at Antonine 19
Spaniels, Cocker
Sh Ch Canigou Classical 14
Spaniels, English Springer
*Calvdale Crescent Moon 21
Spaniels, Field
Nadavin Golden Girl 15
Spaniels, Irish Water
Sh Ch Zanfi The Same As It Ever Was 18
Spaniels, Sussex
*Nyliram Molly Brown 13
Spaniels, Welsh Springer
Ch Steelriver Rysa 18
Ansona Puzzle 14


Airedale Terriers
Ch Jaideld Gypsy Lady Luck 13
Australian Terriers
Ch/Int/Sw/Fin Ch Millvalley Styled In Red for Silhill 20
Bedlington Terriers
Ch Rathsrigg Rose Cut 12
Border Terriers
Ch Dandyhow Iolanthe 10
Ch Baywillow Sunspice 10
Bull Terriers
Int/Pol Ch Hoza Hanka Timar 13
Bull Terriers, Miniature
Ch Grandopera Small Change 17
Cairn Terriers
Glenrood Magic Moment of Cannwood 19
Dandie Dinmont Terriers
*Inzievar Penny Black 14
Fox Terriers, Smooth
Glendraterra Full Of Grace 14
Fox Terriers, Wire
No qualifiers
Glen of Imaal Terriers
Jeonty Let Loose 11
Irish Terriers
Kenmillen Carlie of Kerrykeel 12
Kerry Blue Terriers
Int/Cz/Slo/Ir Ch Kerrydom Court Dhaulagirl at Edbrios 13
Lakeland Terriers
Brocolitia Rythm at Saredon 12
Manchester Terriers
Digelsa Dynasty 19
Norfolk Terriers
Krisma Fruitgum 19
Norwich Terriers
Ch/Sw Ch Ragus Truly Unruly 13
Parson Russell Terriers
Michlea Pearl Jam 17
Scottish Terriers
No qualifiers
Sealyham Terriers
Jumbeeden Dance A Dream 15
Skye Terriers
No qualifiers
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers
Ch/Ir Ch Snowmeadow Feebee Friday 20
Staffordshire Bull Terriers
*Stormbull Secret Harmony 15
Welsh Terriers
No qualifiers
West Highlan White Terriers
Hopecharm Full Of Deelite at Karamynd 18


Redwitch Heated Affair 16
Boston Terriers
Jayrock Anastasia 25
No qualifiers
Chow Chows
Hiswin Rianna 12
No qualifiers
French Bulldogs
Feniton Frangipan 14
German Spitz, Klein
Ch Stonelight Periwinkle 18
German Spitz, Mittel
Northernsoul In Orbit over Runfold 10
Ch Galvizach Holy Smoke 10
Japanese Shiba Inu
Vormund Miss De La Renta for Sapporo 11
Japanese Spitz
Ch Houndbrae Chiara Belle 13
Ch Rossvale Strike A Pose 19
Lhasa Apsos
Ch Jalus Dizzy Lizzy 14
Poodles, Miniature
No qualifiers
Poodles, Standard
Ch Papushka Licenced To Thrill 13
Poodles, Toy
Ch/Ir Ch Tirkane Angels Kiss 11
Ch Aradet Dancing In The Dark 17
Nakota Miss Congeniality with Odivane 11
Miniature Schnauzers
Ch Zakmayo She's Got The Look 10
Tainshan Funky Flower 13
Shih Tzu
Santosha She-Devil 13
Tibetan Spaniels
Malia Angelique 13
Tibetan Terriers
*Ch Kashi Goodnight Vienna at Jantica 12


Alaskan Malamutes
Ruta Norte Lady-Rum at Shepherdsway 12
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Monalou Sensible Sybil 24
Bouviers des Flandres
Ch Lena-Winnie vd Vanenblikhoeve for Alsadie 13
No qualifiers
Licassa Lady Eloise 13
Dutch Ch Aritaur Dominatrix 24
Giant Schnauzers
No qualifiers
Great Danes
Kuccara Mist O Morn at Myhalston 20
Vannroy Gentle Touch 13
Sopharia Princess Gloria at Kumormai 18
Ch Sheridel Kyo 20
Portuguese Water Dogs
No qualifiers
Ch Camregans Smart Ally at Varenka 13
St Bernards
Broadheath Spirit To Win at Poolsway 16
Siberian Huskies
*Forstal's Mynka 11


Australian Cattle Dogs
Warrigal Blue Cooma 18
Australian Shepherds
No qualifiers
Bearded Collies
*Ch Breaksea Devil In Disguise at Nellbrook 15
Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Groenendael
Ch Ebontide Lady In Black 32
Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Malinois
Ir Ch Lanaeken Savoire Faire 19
Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Tervueren
Hawksflight Anastasia 13
Border Collies
Locvhiel Abba via Tonkory 13
Gilcoru Havana D'Brie 15
Collies, Rough
Ch Samhaven Toast 14
Collies, Smooth
Ch Foxearth Playing With Fire 11
German Shepherd Dogs
Xantia vom Elzmundungraum 12
Hungarian Pulis
Ch Catsun Queen Of The Night for Rockisland 25
Lancashire Heelers
Ch Swanndale Black Orchid 13
Castelani Capo Donna by Milwyr 10
Norwegian Buhunds
Noorabli Di-Na-Mite at Arnscroft 16
Old English Sheepdogs
Ch Brinkley Rosey Blue 22
Polish Lowland Sheepdogs
Ch Mybeards Fascination 13
Pyrenean Mountain Dogs
Ch Zalute Zuperlativlization 18
Ch Zamoyski Lucky Chelsey 16
Shetland Sheepdogs
*Blenmerrow River Of Dreams at Melveen 10
*Wendisle Irish Melody at Daisyway 10
Swedish Vallhunds
Can Ch Legovall Vastgota Ms Attitude 12
Welsh Corgis, Cardigan
Joseter Inch Cowell 18
Welsh Corgis, Pembroke
Salvenik Stars In Your Eyes 13


Ch Kilbarchan's Final Copy 17
Bichons Frisés
No qualifiers
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Pamedna Lucy 14
Chihuahuas, Longcoat
Tampico A Classy Affair 14
Chihuahuas, Smooth
No qualifiers
Chinese Cresteds
Ch Vanitonia Only Annie Lusion 13
English Toy Terriers
Ch Witchstone Kickin Upastorm 16
Griffons Bruxellois
Debmar Gold Blend 13
Italian Greyhounds
Chrisford Rug Rat 14
Japanese Chin
Ch Sangria Tropicana 16
King Charles Spaniels
Only A Secret Amantra 13
No qualifiers
Benatone Love Heart 15
Miniature Pinschers
Keljantzi's Eva Enchanting 11
Elvistime Lady Holly at Bodebi 14
Ch Brentoy Scarlet O'Hara 13
Lireva's The Future's Orange 11
Ch Sheffawn In The Pink 14
Yorkshire Terriers
Chevawn Simply Magic 14


Canequiss Music of Dazzleby 18
The Milliner's Mistress 34
Taslima Schuru-Esch-Schams 13
German Longhaired Pointers
Bella vd Holzheide mit Arany 31
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas
Lanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy 20
Dancer's Inca vd Toetsteijn at Unosta 20
Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay
Dutch Ch Penrose Amazing Grace 11
Retrievers, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling
Newfanova Jemima Bear at Camusmor 35
Cesky Terriers
Komidion Encore avec Lastarean 25
Canaan Dogs
Int/Lux/Ger Ch Lorianna Lucky Star 19
Japanese Akita Inu
No qualifiers
Canadian Eskimo Dogs
No qualifiers
German Pinschers
Swanwite Black Carrera 17
Greenland Dogs
Stealing The Show at Seacourt 13
Houwaert's Jiska of Minches 11
Neapolitan Mastiffs
Dalnarck Chiri 25
Russian Black Terriers
Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd 24
Tibetan Mastiffs
No qualifiers
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs
Arda Kangal-Laika Bruchhauser Wall von Seacop 12
Karabiber Alize via Seacop 12
Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Laekenois
No qualifiers
Estrela Mountain Dogs
Asterel Bo Peep 16
Finnish Lapphunds
Fin Ch Lumiturpa Pigga at Elbereth 14
Hungarian Kuvasz
No qualifiers
Articstorm Mimosa Lady 12
Pyrenean Sheepdogs
Merrywood Dark Image 12
Australian Silky Terriers
Ir Ch Sharhad Blue Bearet to Crestford 10
Gib Ch Shiarita Lolita 11
Wybnella's Mystique at Newtonwood 19
Cotons de Tulear
With Love From Angel Station 13


Plushcourt Margarida, Portuguese Podengo 13
Carenage Tuscany del Braccanza, Bracco Italiano 13
Clearwater Sierra at Mussendun, Eurasier 18
Jerivindi Distintive Dream, Dogue de Bordeaux 15
No qualifiers