Pup of the year - 2007

Created: 18/02/2007

Pup of the year - 2007

SERENA Parker and Graham Stevens’ Beagle, Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise, the latest Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of the Year, was in fact runner-up in his heat at Bath under Pat Clayton.
This is not the first time a runner-up has taken the top spot – the Miniature Poodle, Ch Filigran The Master of Valetta, won in 1983 – and ‘Archie’ is certainly not regarded as being a regular holder of blue place cards. He has already made his mark in the ring, with four CCs and six RCCs and two group 4, one aged only 11 months. He is a seasoned stakes qualifier, having come fourth in the Petplan junior stakes final and he will also be present in the Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant final at Crufts.
When the judge was announced as Albert Wight, shortly before the final took place at the Corn Exchange in Bedford last week, Serena must have thought Archie stood a good chance as Albert awarded him one of his RCCs, at Welsh KC last year. And Albert obviously hadn’t changed his opinion and, topping the other 30 qualifiers, Archie took his place on the podium.
POTY, as it is affectionately known, has a reputation for showcasing the future talent within dogdom and provides a welcome event for those dreary winter months before all eyes turn to Crufts.
The venue allows for a spacious ring in the main auditorium with a large room upstairs for guests to have morning coffee and a Danish pastry, followed by drinks after the competition. With the guest list comprising of competitors, heat judges, representatives from the societies scheduling the competition, representatives from Pro Plan and DOG WORLD, and other invited guests, the audience comprises of around 250 people.
Unfortunately the Paignton qualifier, Allison South’s Samoyed, Aleski Atomic Kitten, had to be withdrawn just before judging as when arrived at the venue she wasn’t sound on the move. A great disappointment for Allison who had travelled up from Brighton to attend the final.

This left us with 30 qualifiers competing and there were no fewer than four breeds with two or more qualifiers. Two Pekingese were present, two Great Danes and two Lhasa Apsos, and three Akitas, including two littermates of Jenny Killiea and Arlene Clure. Dachshunds also had two representatives, a Wire and a Min Smooth.
Albert Wight was escorted into the ring by Anne Bliss and Frank gave a brief overview of his standing within the dog world. Best known for his Sharval Shetland Sheepdogs, Albert began showing in 1952 and first judged in 1966, handing out his first set of CCs at Paignton 1969.
He is one of the UK’s top all-rounders and to date has judged no fewer than 52 championship show groups, his first at Blackpool 1984. He gave his first championship show best in show award to the 1986 Top Dog, the Kerry Blue, Ch Balboa King Regal, at his native Scottish KC.
Most recently, he put through last year’s Crufts best in show, the famous Tibetan Terrier, Ch/Am Ch Araki Fabulous Willy, when judging the utility group, and judged BIS there in 2003, choosing the Pekingese, Ch Yakee A Dangerous Liaison.
With exhibitors receiving their briefing from chief steward Anne Bliss and a welcome from Purina’s Samantha Gutsell-Forshaw, we were handed over to the well-known commentary duo of Frank Kane and Jessica Holm. Frank and Jessica alternated between giving us a resume of the dogs – where they had qualified, their ages and any amusing anecdotes.
The dogs entered the ring individually completing an initial circuit before returning in groups of three for their individual assessment. Anne and her team of Jim Peach and Dennis Rockall ensured the competition was kept flowing.
To give that added sense of pizzazz and enhance the prestige of the competition, cameras projected the dog’s image onto the wall at one end of the hall, framed nicely between the building’s archways.
Once the dogs had been assessed individually, they returned for Albert to make his shortlist, with ten remaining in the ring. They were:
Cathy Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Ch Belleville Sweetheart, Dave Scawthorn’s choice from National Terrier, winner of three CCs and made up at 13 months. ‘Dizzy’ also took RCC at the Norfolk and Norwich Clubs’ 70th anniversary weekend. In true stubborn terrier fashion, Cathy says Dizzy can be exceptionally difficult to handle.

POTY history
Rodney Oldham’s Chow, Ch Towmena In The Frame, who sits on six CCs, five with best of breed, a group winner and regular group placer. ‘Framer’ has already made POTY history by being the first dog to qualify for the final two years running. He competed last year, having clinched his place at the last show of the year, LKA and the following month he did it again at Boston. Unfortunately, due to a technicality he was disqualified but reclaimed his place at WELKS under Norman Butcher. So, he could be said to have qualified three times!
Serena Parker and Graham Stevens’ Beagle, Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise, has his portfolio of wins mentioned above. Top Beagle puppy last year, at the halfway stage he was also Top Puppy all-breeds. Serena says Archie has perfected the habit of getting your attention and has mastered the art of running up behind you and hitting you with his paws on the back of the knee, should you dare to ignore him!
Edith Rose’s trip down from Lanarkshire was certainly worth it when Albert signalled for her English Springer, Rosannoch Berkano, to join the other shortlisted dogs. ‘Tilly’ booked her place at Blackpool under Robin Newhouse and annexed RCC at Leeds and Gundog Breeds of Scotland, as well as three BPs at general championship shows and one breed show. Despite having a four-month-old Patterdale Terrier friend who is often found hanging from her ears, Tilly appeared to be no worse for wear!
The Vanitonia partnership is no stranger to having a POTY qualifier, however instead of Poodles or Chinese Cresteds, Lee Cox (handling) and Tom Isherwood had a Clumber Spaniel on the end of the lead, Vanitonia U Bet I Am. ‘Rupert’ was the Windsor qualifier under Val Foss and is also a Petplan junior stakes qualifier and has claimed five BP awards and a RCC to go with his PG3 from South Wales. While Lee was born into Clumbers, this is his first litter of the breed after a 19-year gap.

X-factor judge
The second of the Redwitch Akitas, Redwitch Ker Ching was David Guy’s choice from Leeds. ‘Simon’ has amassed seven RCCs, including at the Akita Association, where he went RBIS at only 13 months old, and is another one to have qualified for the junior stakes. He was named after The X-Factor judge, Simon Cowell, and like his namesake he has attitude – and two PG1 wins to boot.
Another kennel that has consistently had representatives at this final is Bert and Philip Martin’s Yakee Pekingese and one of their number won the competition overall in 1999. This year’s rep was Yakee You Do Something For Me, sent through by Pam Blay at Bournemouth. ‘Romeo’ has two RCCs and a championship show BOB where no tickets were on offer, as well as a group 4 and numerous BP wins.
Welsh KC under Brenda Banbury brought forth, appropriately enough, a Welsh Terrier finalist, Dave Scawthorn and Judy Averis’ Saredon Diamonds R Forever. ‘Shirley’, presumably named after Shirley Bassey who performed the title song to the 1971 Bond film, took CC and BOB at Blackpool and CC and BIS at the Welsh Terrier Club, plus best of breed and group 4 at Midland Counties, and two RCCs. She is the first Welsh to qualify for the final and was handled by Judy’s son John,
Potterdale Star Of Peebles, otherwise known as ‘Rye’, was put through by Stuart Mallard at the Scottish KC August show. She is owned by Michael Johnston who first saw her at four weeks old and knew she was the one for him. Michael says she is very easy to live with, very affectionate and always aims to please. She won RBPIS at her first show, Scottish Breeds, aged seven months, took BPIS at Midshires Bearded Collie Club and is a consistent winner at open shows.

Expert chaser
The final dog in the last ten was Ann Ingram’s Midland Counties choice, Sue McCourt and Sheila Eardley’s Australian Terrier, Silhill Tufty with Sherex, handled by Paul Eardley who has campaigned his sire, Ch Silhill Red Rock at Sherex, to top terrier last year. ‘Tufty’ took RCC at City of Birmingham, where he went onto PG3 and PG1 at Belfast, making him joint top puppy in breed for last year. He is an expert chaser of brooms and mops and has put paid to three mops and one broom so far!
With the final ten dogs being moved individually once last time, Albert cut down to a further four – the Chow, Beagle, English Springer and Bearded Collie. With suspense heightening, Albert broke the tension by suggesting some music would be appropriate at this point!
And then Albert indicated that POTY 2007 was to be Archie the Beagle, with Tilly the English Springer in reserve.
With the prizes presented by Purina, guests made their way upstairs for drinks while the staff at the Corn Exchange transformed the auditorium into a dining hall for a lunch for 250 people in record time. DOG WORLD gave all diners one of its popular pocket diaries while Purina added one its wall planners and some chocolate – a nice touch!
The speed of service during lunch could not be faulted, especially considering the number of people sitting down to lunch, and I think I speak for most people when I say the treacle tart dessert was delicious.
During coffee Nestlé Purina managing director Stuart Irvine addressed the audience, saying how delighted the company was to be involved in such a prestigious event as POTY.
DOG WORLD’s new owners, managing director Kerry Williamson and editor Stuart Baillie also said a few words, outlining the company’s continued commitment to providing readers with the same high standard of reporting and the future development of the country’s leading canine newspaper.

Albert also took to the microphone to emphasise how difficult his task had been in selecting a winner and how honoured he felt to have been asked to make the all-important decision.
The trophies were then presented to the final winners before Kerry Williamson announced the winner of the DOG WORLD Award of Excellence, for someone who has consistently achieved the highest standards in some aspect of the dog world
This year the award went to Dave and Jenny Killilea for their achievements with the Redwitch Akitas.
Their story is covered in detail by Andrew Brace in the recent DOG WORLD ANNUAL and even at the final they had made an impression, showing two littermates who had both been qualifiers.
The final presentation was to someone who has worked on the organisation of POTY for the last 20 years, DOG WORLD’s Pam Blay, who retired from the company last year.
Pam has handed over the baton to Ed Dyckhoff and Anne-Marie Jordan who did an admirable job in ensuring this year’s event was a success, together with the Pro Plan team of Kelly Willcox and Laura Blandy.
With Boston now the first championship show of the year, that means we already have our first finalist for POTY 2008 and so the competition starts all over again.

SERENA Parker obtained her first Beagle in 1980 when she outgrew her pony. Her father wanted an Irish Setter, her mother a Beagle, and the latter what they settled on, hoping the smaller breed would be slightly less energetic... Vain hope!
Her first dog did a certain amount of winning at open shows and Serena also showed in junior handling classes. She qualified for the Richmond semi-finals for several years, her best result being third the year the hound semi-final for her age group was won by Mark Cocozza.
A little later they were given by his breeder 13-month-old Samwella Luther of Serenaker who eventually became Serena’s first champion.
For a foundation bitch, she went to Eleanor Bothwell, and all Serena’s current Beagles descend from Norcis Gen, a daughter of Eleanor’s famous Ch Foxy Lady. She produced her first homebred champion, Fatal Attraction, as well as the dam of Ch/Ir Ch Serenaker Devil Woman who has had an exciting career, including 16 CCs and group 3 at Crufts. She was top Beagle ‘06 in spite of being shown only until July when she took maternity leave.
Incidentally she is by a Rossut dog, so Patricia Sutton, who presents the Rossut Jasmine Trophy for the breeder of the winner, and hands over the winner’s trophy presented in memory of her mother, Catherine, would no doubt be thrilled by the result of this year’s competition.
Wanting to retain Devil Woman’s conformation, style and type but in the hope of breeding something slightly smaller, Serena decided to use an American dog, Am Ch Wilkeep Co’s Hocus Pocus at Fallowfield, whom Christine Lewis had imported. Seeing him at Christine’s home, Serena particularly admired his movement.
This of course was mainly an outcross, as the sire has no British breeding for many generations, but her does descend in male line from Am Ch Starbuck’s Hang’em High to whom Devil Woman traces several times through his imported son Ch/Am Ch Graadtre’s Hot Pursuit of Rossut.
UK/American first crosses have often worked well in the past; indeed Serena’s Luther was by an American dog, as were such greats as Ch Dialynne Gamble and Ch Too Darn Hot for Tragband who both feature in Devil Woman’s background.
A litter of nine resulted from which Serena and partner Graham Stevens have kept three. One of the bitches has made a promising start but the star was ‘Archie’ whose puppy career can only be described as phenomenal. He was BP in breed at championship shows no fewer than 15 times and won six RCCs as a puppy, including one from final judge Albert Wight.
His first CC came at East of England at 11 months from Jill Philpott, where he went on to BOB and group 4. His title followed by the time he was 13 months, at the Northern and Midland club show (Jen Davies) and Richmond (Georgina Kemp) where he was BOB and G4. A fourth CC and BOB came at another club show (Alistair Parker).
At Bath he won his day’s heat of the Pup of the Year competition under breed specialist Pat Clayton and was runner-up overall to Michael Gadsby and Jason Lynn’s American Cocker, Sherbet Lemons with Afterglow. A few weeks ago Serena had a phone call from Michael: "Would you be interested in going to POTY?” Their bitch had dropped all her coat so they decided to withdraw. Archie’s big opportunity presented itself and he certainly made the most of it! This is the first time Serena and Graham have competed at the final.
Archie also qualified for the Pet Plan junior stakes final, in which he was fourth, and for the Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant final which will be judged at Crufts.
They have long had an interest in Pharaoh Hounds and co-own two champions, both group winners and one of them the bitch CC record holder, with Antony Bongiovanni. One of these lives with them along with their nine Beagles. Serena has also owned a CC and a RCC-winning PBGV. Graham is generally the ‘backroom boy’, helping look after the dogs at home but handling in the ring only when he absolutely has to!

Judge’s Report
I must begin by expressing my appreciation to Purina and DOG WORLD for extending the invitation to me to judge the 2007 Pup of the Year final.
This competition is firmly established as one the THE showcase events in the British dog show calendar and of course there are heats at 31 championship shows throughout the year.
I know it is the ambition of many even just to qualify – and to all those who competed here and especially those who did not make the first cut − I believe you can take enormous credit for the achievement of having a dog or bitch which has proven itself good enough to win a deserved place in the final against outstandingly strong opposition.
This event has previously been won by a number of quality dogs which have gone on to feature well in the ensuing all breed championship show competitions and all but a few gained their British title.
I can honestly say that the 2007 finalists provided me with some truly outstanding examples of the best of British dogdom and I feel really lucky to have had such an array of quality to judge.Young animals worthy of upholding the jealously guarded British tradition of still being able to produce some of the finest stock in the world. And while our clever British breeders continue to show the talent to keep producing dogs of this calibre we will never be short of eager buyers from all parts of the world.
My thanks must go the heat judges who clearly did an outstanding job to send forward this impressive line-up which I feel sure the very knowledgeable ringside audience enjoyed seeing as much as I enjoyed judging.
One of the major changes of recent times has been the increasing influence of imported stock and while I’m not going to pretend everything imported is good, the clever, dedicated and unprejudiced breeders and exhibitors have, in many cases. wisely used these lines to good effect and to the overall benefit of the British gene pool. As examples, the winner of the competition is by an American imported champion and the runner-up is by a Swedish champion.
All the dogs and bitches I shortlisted are, I feel, class examples of their breed and I would expect to see them prominently feature in their breed and hopefully group rings in the coming months and perhaps years. They truly were a joy to judge and even to make the shortlist was an outstanding achievement.
Regrettably the Samoyed was found to be favouring a leg before judging and her owner wisely withdrew her which must have been a huge disappoint to her connections.
My initial shortlist was to be ten but my first mental tally gave me 13! The Min Smooth Dachshund, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and the Briard being the three who were just eclipsed and no more.
And I must just mention the real baby of the day, the quite lovely English Setter, Mariglen Francesca Fenston. This one has a fabulous headpiece, the most soul searching and kindliest of expressions and that non-stop tail action showing how much she was enjoying herself.
I said in my post-luncheon speech that any of the final ten could have laid a legitimate claim to the title POTY 2007 and it was wonderful to hear so many people later agreeing that that line-up of ten was truly exciting. Oozing quality and just a joy to see.
They included the delicious but naughty Norfolk, Ch Belleville Sweetheart, the superbly boned intensely thoughtful looking Clumber, Vanitonia U Bet I Am, the upstanding Akita, Redwitch Ker Ching, another super young Pekingese from the Easdon and Martin kennel, Yakee You Do Something For Me, a delicious Welsh Terrier with a stunning head, Judy Averis’ Saredon Diamonds R Forever, and the ultra smart extrovert Australian terrier co-owned by Sue McCourt and Sheila Eardley, Silhill Tufty with Sherex.
The Norfolk is already crowned but I fell certain that each of the above will also have a hugely successful year and will all become titleholders. But such was the competition that they had to leave just four to battle it out for the top spot.
Finally I opted for the charms and sheer look of quality of the Beagle, Serena Parker and Graham Stevens’ Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise.I awarded him the RCC at WKC and as I expected he has filled out and come on since then. He just spells a top quality Beagle, a great advertisement for the breed and his front assembly and action are quite awesome. He was immaculately presented, he never put a foot wrong whether stacked or on the move and I felt he was a very worthy winner of this coveted title.
He was chased home by three other gorgeous youngsters, the already titled Chow owned by Rodney Oldham, Ch Towmena In The Frame has already made a big name for himself and he is a delight to go over. A top quality dog, not quite back in full coat but looking every inch a champion male with many more successes to follow.
There was also a quite gorgeous beardie bitch, Potterdale Star Of Peebles, owned by Michael Johnston and bred of course by Mike and Janet Lewis. This lovely bitch was immaculately prepared, her shape is stunning and her action is precisely what I would hope to see in this breed, smooth, effortless and totally balanced. I liked her heaps.
And finally the runner-up, a truly scrumptious English Springer, Rosannoch Berkano, handled by owner/breeder Edith Rose. This one gave me goose bumps, totally bewitching, gorgeous head and an expression to gladden any heart, so well constructed, her front is stunning and her side action, (when she decided not to do her Come Dancing routine) was quite outstanding and a joy to see. It had the rhythm and precision of a steam locomotive piston and was just as smooth.
From what I have seen today, the British pedigree show scene is in a very healthy state the future may not be orange but it is decidedly rosy and very, very exciting.
Finally, thank you Purina for a most memorable trip, the attention to detail, excellent PR and to misquote a High Society line, you gave us a swell-egant, elegant party which was enjoyed by all.
Albert Wight

2007 qualifiers

Born February 11, 2006, Ch Nevedith Utterly Uppercrust at Dunaruna ex Nut Meg of Nevedith.?
Owned by Editha Newton, bred by Roy and Mark Burton.
Qualified Boston, judge Kath Mitchell.

Born February 13, 2006, Ch Metewand Calulo at Birkhall ex Ch Cloudside Last Orders.
Owned by Marita Rodgers and Phil Freer, bred by Wendell Moore.
Qualified Manchester, judge Carol Harwood.

3 LYMEHILLS WEE DRAM West Highland White Terrier
Born September 13, 2006, Ch Lymehills Drambuie ex Lymehills Katies A Cracker.
Owned and bred by John Wilson and Ann Bailey.
Qualified Scottish Breeds, judge Roger Wright.

Born May 30, 2006, Ch Cisfran Simply The Best ex Miyazakis Little Secret.
Owned and bred by Mie Lewis.
Qualified UK Toy, judge Val Blore.

Born May 27, 2006, Ch Belleville Smart Alec ex Ch Belleville Sweet Cracker.
Owned and bred by Cathy Thompson-Morgan.
Qualified National Terrier, judge Dave Scawthorn.

Born May 9, 2006, Jodoka Black Samphire at Byhorn ex Towmena Brush Strokes.
Owned and bred by Rodney Oldham.
Qualified WELKS, judge Norman Butcher.

Born September 30, 2006, Ch Headholme It’s True Indeed with Kaviking ex Headholme I Feel Like Woman from Kaviking.
Owned and bred by Karlynne Sellstrome.
Qualified Scottish KC, judge Pam Marston-Pollock.

Born August 8, 2006, Am Ch Wilkeep Co's Hocus Pocus at Fallowfield ex Ch/Ir Ch Serenaker Devil Woman.
Owned and bred by Serena Parker and Graham Stevens.
Qualified Bath, judge Patricia Clayton.

Born June 30, 2006, Myojo Hillman Hunter at Herazon ex Eastonite Pamela.
Owned by Jessica and Jane Baker, bred by Dawn Andow.
Qualified Southern Counties, judge Ron Menaker.

Born July 25, 2006, Int/Sw/Dan/Norw Ch Diplomatic’s Umberto Di Visconti ex Selmalda Come Away With Me.
Owned by Lesley and Adam Chappell and John Agnew. Bred by Lesley and Adam Chappell. Qualified Three Counties, judge Doreen Smillie.

Born September 3, 2006, Ch Redwitch Heaven Can Wait ex Ch/Sw/Dan Ch Redwitch Play Misty For Me.
Owned and bred by Jenny Killiea and Arlene Clure.
Qualified Border Union, judge Jimmy Simpson.

12 ROSANNOCH BERKANO English Springer Spaniel
Born August 18, 2006, Sh Ch/Sw Ch Backa Tinkerbell Atlas-Bell ex Calvdale Legal Passion with Rosannoch.
Owned and bred by Edith Rose.
Qualified Blackpool, judge Robin Newhouse.

13 VANITONIA U BET I AM Clumber Spaniel
Born August 26, 2006, Sh Ch Kirkara Tommy Gunn ex Tweedsmuir Ladetta at Vanitonia.
Owned and bred by Lee Cox and Tom Isherwood.
Qualified Windsor, judge Valerie Foss.

Born August 12, 2006, Cz/Sw/Dan Ch Captain Zenao Nacamble ex Fostebrie Rêve De Coco.
Owned by Carol Foster and Phillip Rogers, bred by Carol Foster.
Qualified South Wales, judges Frank Kane and Graham Hill.

Born December 28, 2006, Ch Salerno Total Eclipse over Aleski ex Ch Amarige Heaven Sent to Aleski.
Owned and bred by Allison South.
Qualified Paignton, judge Jill Peak.

Born July 31, 2006, Ch Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy ex Ch Charibere Symphonie.
Owned by Christine Kenyon and Arthur Ward, bred by Linda Marston.
Qualified National Working and Pastoral Breeds, judge Ferelith Somerfield.

Born October 9, 2006, Bayshore Tears Of A Clown ex Ozzypool Molly Malone at Allmark.
Owned by Neil Allan, Robert Harlow and Norma Gregory, bred by Neil and Angie Allan.
Qualified East of England, judge Sue McCourt.

Born September 3, 2006, Ch Redwitch Heaven Can Wait ex Ch/Sw/Dan Ch Redwitch Play Misty For Me.
Owned and bred by Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure.
Qualified Leeds, judge David Guy.

19 D'ARISCA STRIPED TEASE Miniature Smooth Dachshund
Born November 11, 2006, Ch D'Arisca Little Trend at Carpaccio ex Ch/Am/Can Ch GrandGables Tickle My Fancy.
Owned and bred by Lovaine Coxon.
Qualified Houndshow, judge Eleanor Bothwell.

Born December 27, 2006, Sh Ch/Aus Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind ex Sybaris All Spice.
Owned by Fiona Grant and Nadine Thompson, bred by Gary and Karen Scobell.
Qualified National Gundog, judge Stephen Hollings.

Born December 30, 2006, Ch Yakee And Dont Forget It ex Ch Yakee Juliette.
Owned and bred by Albert Easdon and Philip Martin.
Qualified Bournemouth, judge Pam Blay

Born November 20, 2006, Ch Saredon Behind Enemy Lines ex Saredon Stars N’ Stripes.
Owned and bred by Judith Averis.
Qualified Welsh Kennel Club, judge Brenda Banbury.

Born August 30, 2006, Ch Potterdale Audition for Pattishawl ex Shenandoa Star of Potterdale.
Owned by Michael Johnston, bred by Mike and Janet Lewis.
Qualified Scottish Kennel Club, judge Stuart Mallard.

Born November 18, 2006, Kutani Lionheart for Ardquin ex Dimara Story Teller.
Owned by Michaela Hall, bred by Mandy and John Phillips.
Qualified City of Birmingham, judge Denys Simpson.

Born October 1, 2006, Norsef The Main Man ex Ch Vanmore French Kiss.
Owned and bred by Laurence Morgan-Evans.
Qualified Richmond, judge Doug Kitchener.

Born November 27, 2006, Ch Vaderlands Glory Alle-Luya ex Ch Jalus Dizzy Lizzy.
Owned by Sarah Hattrell, bred by Amanda Luscott.
Qualified Darlington, judge Irene McManus.

Born January 26, 2006, Stecal’s Brooklyn ex Hikay Hard Headed Woman.
Bred and owned by Irene Rushfirth.
Qualified Driffield, judges Chris Bexon and Christina Chapman.

28 LESANDNIC SOLERINA Wirehaired Dachshund
Born December 2, 2006, Ir Ch Lesandnic Limestone Lad ex Ir Ch Lesandnic Sealia.
Bred and owned by Joan and Lesley Patton.
Qualified Belfast, judge Dennis Coxall.

Born December 5, 2006, Ch Silhill Red Rock at Sherex ex Ch Millvalley Monopoly at Silhill.
Owned by Sue McCourt and Sheila Eardley, bred by Sue McCourt.
Qualified Midland Counties, judge Ann Ingram.

30 WYNELE BEWITCHED Boston Terrier
Born December 12, 2006, Wynele Winston Churchill ex Ch Donmar The Vamp at Wynele.
Owned and bred by Bob Naulls and Nigel Barker.
Qualified BUBA, judge Rodney Oldham.

Born February 3, 2007, Sh Ch Bournehouse Silver Dreamer ex Sh Ch Fenston Arabella at Mariglen
Owned by Jane Dennis and Joy Field, bred by Jane Dennis.
Qualified LKA, judge Simon Parsons.