KC members to vote on registration fee increase, but Assured Breeders may pay less

Created: 29/04/2014

KC members to vote on registration fee increase, but Assured Breeders may pay less

AN INCREASE in the price of the registration fee from £15 to £16 and a decrease for Assured Breeders from £15 to £14 is to be proposed at the Kennel Club’s annual meeting.

  It is time to give something back to breeders who had supported the scheme, the KC believes.

  In the papers sent out to members ahead of the AGM on May 14, the General Committee said that several changes had been made to the scheme since it received UKAS accreditation, one of them that every Assured Breeder had to be inspected before they could register a litter. This meant far more inspections and so Assured Breeder Scheme (ABS) fees had to rise to cover the cost of this.

  "The KC has been extremely pleased that ABS members have embraced these changes and that the number of breeders to leave the scheme has been very low despite the increased costs,” the Committee said in the literature.

  "Now we believe it is the right time to give something back to those breeders who support the ABS by introducing a clear price differential in the cost of registering puppies under the scheme compared to those outside it.

  "This has been a consistent suggestion received in feedback given about the ABS from both members and non-members over recent years.”

  The most effective way was to increase the fee for those who are not Assured Breeders and reduce it for those who are, the Committee said; the KC is hoping this will encourage more people to join.

  The Committee said the move would help ensure that the demand for puppies from Assured Breeders could be better met and the public would be discouraged from buying ‘from less responsible breeders’, particularly those who do not register their dogs with the KC ‘as a means of avoiding the safeguards in place to counter puppy farming’.

  It will also be proposed at the meeting that the cost of a licence for heelwork to music (HTM) shows should rise to £45; for open HTM shows organised by registered clubs and societies to £35; and for open HTM shows organised by authorised clubs or societies to £60. Currently, a licence is £25.

  The Committee said the proposed increase reflects the imminent introduction of HTM receiving listed status and the fees in place for agility and rally which also offer listed status to clubs and societies, and puts the discipline in line with others for different types of show.

  Eight General Committee members, called directors since the KC became a company limited by guarantee, retire by rotation this year and are standing for re-election for a three-year term. They are Anne Bliss, Steve Croxford, Paul Harding, Anne Macdonald, Annette Oliver, Meg Purnell-Carpenter, Pat Sutton and Keith Young. There are no new candidates.

  Mrs Bliss, Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Purnell-Carpenter and Mr Young will all turn 75 after the 2016 annual meeting but will be able to serve until the next AGM before retiring under the age rule. Ms Oliver reaches that age in March next year so will be able to serve just one year.