Hound Association of Scotland - Best in show

Watch highlights of Hound Association of Scotland where dogworld.tv filmed best in show.

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‘Personal communications’ lead to KC censure


A MAN has been censured by the Kennel Club for sending ‘private and personal communications’ which became the subject of a police caution.

Stolen Chihuahuas found unharmed


Stolen Chihuahuas found unharmed

THE FIVE Chihuahua bitches stolen from an exhibitor’s house in Doncaster have been found unharmed 130 miles away.

Video - Hound Association of Scotland - Best in Show


Video - Hound Association of Scotland - Best in Show

In Kelso for Hound Association of Scotland Michael Gadsby ended the day awarding a Greyhound Best in Show and Best Puppy.

Champion Shetland Sheepdog dies after being hit by car


Champion Shetland Sheepdog dies after being hit by car

A CHAMPION Shetland Sheepdog has died after being hit by a car. Jeannie and Ian Pattinson’s Ch Kyleburn Titan (Amos), who that day had won best veteran at the Northern Counties Club show, was dragged by the lead which had caught on the wing...

Crufts hound group winner dies


Crufts hound group winner dies

THE IRISH Wolfhound from Belgium who won the hound group at Crufts this year has died. Gary Janssens’ Ger/Bel/Dutch/Lux Ch Just In Time of First Avenue (James) was found collapsed in the garden and died the same day.

KC ‘shocked’ by dog-cloning programme


THE KENNEL Club says it is ‘genuinely shocked’ by the TV programme about a contest offering dog cloning as its prize.

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ABOVE we feature Juliet Bailiff’s Hungarian Vizsla Kenazorora Kaetano (Radar).


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    Closing date for W OF ENG LKS - April 25-27 - 12/03/2014
    Hon Sec Sheila Jakeman 01608 659369. Three Count...
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    Closing date for Fox Terrier C of Wales - April 26 - 12/04/2014
    Mrs W Phillips 01633 775735. (0)
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The problem of dangerous owners by Lee Connor

MY FIRST experience of a ‘dangerous dog’ was back in the spring of 1992. I’d accompanied my mum to Tottenham Cemetery to tidy up my grandmother’s grave after the winter. Her grave lay in front of a low retaining wall and, while we knelt down, clearing away the dead flowers from our previous visit, t... read more

A Champion night out in aid of charity

A Champion night out in aid of charity THE HARD working committee members of the Canine Supporters Charity (CSC) are to be congratulated for yet another super evening at the Contest of Champion Show Dogs, where exhibitors come together with the cream of the UK show dogs to have an enjoyable evening and raise money for w... read more


Talking Dogs - The Dobermann Trust's Spring Fling

Talking Dogs - The Dobermann Trust's Spring Fling Tom Burrington spoke to organiser of the Dobermann Trust's S... read more

The psychological pressures of judging by Frank Kane

The psychological pressures of judging by Frank Kane Read Part 1 of Frank's article here >> APPLAUSE, applause! Another psychological pressure. It makes for a very sporting atmosphere and a happy experience when winners are applauded. In some breeds it is a matter of course and every class winner is applauded throughout the judging. In other breeds... read more

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Could some open shows do more to publicise their events both within and outside the dog-showing community?


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